Glide App is published in the App Store!

After some help with the Glide team, we are proud to publish…

A Glide App in the App Store!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you @Mark, @david and the rest of the team! Your job is outstanding!

EDIT: This was a test done by the Glide team, it’s not public yet, but I guess it’s what the (near) future holds for Glide apps!


That’s awesome. Great job to you & the Glide team.

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Awesome News :partying_face: :partying_face:
This feature was really missing specially when we were targeting Mobile Users.

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I would love to do this too. Can you share what you did to wrap it and then push it to the Apple App Store?


This is incredible !!

Can you please enlighten us on how to get this done ?

It’s actually not the first - there were at least two apps before it.

The first is an app published by us, way back in November 2018:

The second one is an app done without our knowledge, wrapped by the customer. Some functionality’s not working for that reason, though.

We’re working on offering app store publishing for all our customers. This app is an early test :slight_smile:

Congratulations @eltintero!


Congrats! Tested the app…several button/contact links don’t work.

Amazing!!! Congratulations Jesus and Glide Team! :heart_eyes:

Hi @Mark I have been a fan from the start and wanted to get a wrapped up since you first launch. Anyway to have The Eater Club app I build be part of the next round of testing with you on publishing an app to the App Store?

Been looking at a few options that could allow me to wrap the glide app and publish. Would love to work with your team instead to help as a great use case. Thanks.

ok, edited the first

I don’t have an iphone. Can you share a video or gif?

App size <20MB!



Buttons aren’t working. I’m using iPhone 7+ with iOS14 Beta

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thanks @Robert_Petitto


My desire for the future would be to keep publishing as we do today with the option to publish to App Store.

I know of so many people who have developed apps and due to cost and Apple ‘rules’ the apps never got published which was a shame and a waste of dev/project time plus a lot to dented egos (and tears!)

Again well done to all involved

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Sorry to announce, Same here no buttons work on my iPhone.

Not sure if this is related, but my inline lists (tiles) that link to screen don’t work either.

Thanks guys, I sent these to the team that published the app.


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Wow! That’s stunning :heart_eyes:

Great!!! This is awesome!!! Congrats!!!