Glider (kinda old, but really new) from Dubai

Hi everyone

I’m Theo from Dubai. I run a small dev agency with remote developers in 3 countries.

I discovered glide back in Dec 2018 / Jan 2019 period, even before it officially ‘launched’. I built my first multi-sided app in April 2019 to manage our local public speaking toastmasters club.

I felt glide had an S-shaped learning curve. It only took me a few hours to get from 0 to 40% (around intermediate level). But I quickly hit a wall at intermediate to complex level. So I never really invested further time learning from 40% to 80% and beyond.

Over the years I’ve built many small apps in glide for personal & non-profit use - anything from basic to intermediate complexity. Never went Pro or paid. I kind of keep drifting in and out of glide every few months and kept up with the platform updates.

At our agency been primarily using on Adalo, Bubble and softr as tools of choice to build with. I preferred Adalo for launching our PWAs for the following reasons -

  1. Ease of publishing multiple / multi-sided / multi-user apps with shared Database, each with a custom domain. We generally built multi-tenant SaaS for our clients so this was a must for us.
  2. No limit on the number of rows (my very first app on Adalo in Nov 2019 had 50k rows in a single table within a month)
  3. As mentioned I have very poor Google sheets skills - I couldn’t figure out where/how to do the ‘processing’ - whether to do it in Glide Tables, or sheets, or actions via Zapier, or a combination
  4. Changing Pricing plans - I think since the time of Bubble/Adalo’s launch there has been a fixed price for their tiers, but Glide sort of kept changing theirs a few times as they evolved and finally hit on the current plan - which I feel is a win-win for all sides.
  5. I felt Glide’s focus was on being an internal tool of choice for enterprises, hence the limit on ‘public’ users of the app. We generally couldn’t build anything for clients that wasn’t public facing due to this limitation. I guess with new plans and whitelabeling this can be addressed.
  6. Concerns about glide’s speeds at higher table sizes - I’ve read many such posts on the forum, which generally focus on the builder’s lack of proper app schema / table / framework structuring rather than the platform being gassed out.

With Adalo’s new pricing model confirmed today, it is impossible for us to continue building there and we’ve decided to completely switch to other platforms, including glide. We’re looking at using the ‘Pro’ plan. We don’t really work on native apps, so web apps and PWAs are perfect for us.

I’d appreciate if someone can help me with the following to get me started -

  1. Suggest glide tutorial courses, preferably buildalongs, especially on the latest editor so I don’t get confused with the editor layouts on the older videos. I’ve already seen all of Jacks & Robert Pettito’s excellent videos. Happy to view any other series which serious gliders can suggest.
  2. Is there a serious limit on number of rows per plan per project, or does it merely impact performance?

That’s all for now. Looking forward to jumping in to Glide with both feet this time and hoping for the best.


Hello @tddptg,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Here are another some cool channels too! : Jesus (@eltintero) : Darren (@darren) : Miguel (@grumo )


Thank you!

Have a great day!

Thanks @Dilon_Perera :+1:
I recognize you from the forum of the ‘other’ platform which shall not be named anymore :smile:

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I have followed Jesus’s youtube channel regular as well, along with Jack on glide’s official channel and Robert Pettito.

Darren and Miguel’s channels I’ve not seen before. They look interesting. Thanks for recommending!

About my question on rows limit -

What actually happens if you exceed? Can you practically even exceed row entries in Glide Tables? Does glide app become really slow, or it just works normally but rejects new row entries?


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I guess the data will not shown. Can’t confirm because still I didn’t wend that much :joy:

I think the app will become slow and can add new items but they will not shown.

Not sure and maybe a member from the Glide Team or a Expert can add some more information here?

From my experience, it becomes super slow to work with, even in the builder.

In the past, the row “limit” was more of a technical limit than a hard limit, so when you go past it, performance will dip.

Glide has just released a new computation model, which I expect to help increasing the rows limit a little bit. More info will come soon, I think.

As of now, the Business plan has a limit of 50,000 rows. It was 25,000 before.

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A big, warm welcome from the Glide Team, @tddptg :rocket: