New app vs glide app

Hi there, so i have a developer who’s developing my app currently. however, i would like to build a mvp with glide first to push out my product. My question is later on if i want to use my app that’s under development right now, would i be able to cover over the glide app without losing the registered users?

thank you

Can you explain what you mean by that please?

I am not an expert at all and just a beginner but maybe you are trying to ask how you can migrate to your self-developed app? I believe all the user data in glide is held in your google sheet/glide sheet/excel/airtable (your chosen datasource). Maybe you can try and go into the google sheet/the sheet and check whether the collected emails/user data is there? And then depending on what backend you use you can migrate it over?

Your Glide App will either store its captured data in Google Sheets or Glide Tables (or maybe AirTable these days). This includes information relating to your users. This information can be exported into other systems so, depending on what your “new app” is built on, I imagine there will be some way to import the raw data.

However, you should consider carefully things like relations in your Glide app. If, for example, your app holds a list of users and each of those can have multiple associated orders, then it’s likely the orders will be held in a different table and a Glide relation used to associate them. Typically this will use a common value such as user email or maybe a unique RowId. Either way, whilst these common values will also be included in the export, it may be more tricky to reconstruct the relation in the “new app”.

It would make sense to speak with your app developer so that they are aware of what you may need to do, since this might impact how they prefer you to design the Glide app.

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