Glide Tables

Hello Glide gurus, would anyone be able to assist with the following pls?
In prep for switching to Glide tables and before I make the leap, any comments on the following apparent disadvantages, and how I can overcome?

  1. Data backups. Are there 2 options I can see (A) Go to “settings”, then “export app data” or (B) simply save the current app and create another version, thereby “saving” the data. Which is preferred?
  2. Loading data back into Glide.
    (A) I understand this has to be done table by table? Is this correct? (If so, this kills it for me).
    (B) What if I import a new table, and there are discrepancies, as follows:
    (i) different number of rows. What is actually uploaded?
    (ii) discrepancy between the data item column-names in the current table and the table being uploaded. Does Glide refuse to import or does it import and tell you which columns it’s not loaded
  3. Can you import a single column of data into Glide.
  4. Is the cut and paste function into Glide reliable (eg during internet signal drop-outs & when Glide sometimes has to reload)
  5. Anything else I need to consider
    Thx in anticipation of your knowledge and expertise !

I think both works, if you care solely about the data. Duplicating the app would mean you also have a copy of the layout at that point in time. We do this for a few cases at our agency, in case the client changes and breaks something later down the line, we can have a reference of what it was before.

Uploading an Excel file will mean Glide creating all tables automatically for you.

They append the rows, it’s not an overwrite on the old data. Say you have 5 rows, then your data have 5 rows, it will be added as 5 new rows so you get 10 at the end.

I believe new columns name will be created, and the values will be loaded to new rows, related to the “not overwriting” point above.

If you mean adding a single column into an existing table, I believe you can just copy paste it. There’s an outstanding bug regarding encoding in the data editor, so copy pasting might not be reliable until that is fixed.

Most of the time it should be reliable, I think they give you a load indicator at the bottom of the screen so you know the new values have been saved or not. Don’t try it with too much data though.


Thanks! Sounds like using Glide tables runs a higher risk of introducing accidental errors, I’ll give it a wide berth.

It’s just a temporary bug that Glide is working on for a fix. Most of the time I would suggest using Glide Tables.


My app is data heavy and quality is essential, so can’t possibly risk anything that’s not 100% reliable. Thx for the clarification.