Glide Tables - Disappearing data

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently moved data across from Airtable & Excel into Glide Tables to improve the speed of the app I’m building. For one particular table, I’ve moved the data by copying and pasting from Excel into Glide Tables (there are about 500 rows). Everything works well and the data shows in the table and the app. But if I refresh the page or exit the builder and come back later, the data has ‘holes’. Certain rows will just be blank.

Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? Is there a workaround? Should I be transferring the data differently?

Yes, I had that also with a Glide table and reported it already twice. The only reply I get is “How to reproduce”. I’m only glad I was able to restore my data by restoring 1 colomn.

Could you make a video that shows the issue and share a support link, please?

The support team is out today for Thanksgiving but I have a workaround that might be a few extra steps…but should work.

If you create a new project using the Airtable base you want in a Glide table you can then create a duplicate and select the “Copy this sheet” option. Rather than create a new AT base it will create a Glide table. You could then rename that GT to something easy to find, open your original Glide project and add this new Glide table.

Again, a few steps but it should work for you until support can take a look.


If you want to paste into GT you need to wait for a while, you can inspect with developer tool and look at Network task when it end it.

Otherwise you can import data via CSV file and it will create a new GT.

Hope it help

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Thanks, everyone. @elmerdubon, your solution seems to have worked. The data is holding.

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