Airtable tables are disconnected, and appear to be Glide Tables

Not gonna panic, but I just checked out the data editor to see if the Airtable data starting syncing again and noticed that all of my tables are no longer Airtable sourced tables but instead Glide tables:

90% of the tables in this are supposed to be Airtable sources

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Same thing with Glide App #2:

Glide App #3 makes no sense two me - it looks like my Glide tables have duplicated and then readded some of the Airtable tables.

My test app that I haven’t really used is fine:

This happened with one of our client’s Excel tables months ago, the file was seemingly disconnected from Glide altogether and tables were automatically turned into Glide Tables. We have to reconnect everything and it was not a nice experience.

What?!?! :flushed:

I would double check with the support team to see what made your Airtable tables disconnected altogether.

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This same thing happened to me just today.

Same here.
Duplicated tables after airtable synch errors yesterday

Same here, some data just disappear

We are having the same issues as well. Nothing is working for us.

Hey Glide team, can you tell us what’s going on?

Same here, half of my excel tables are now glide tables, this is shocking! We need a response from the Glide team ASAP!

Even some pages disappeared from the layout. The app is totally messed up

The engineers for the data side are mostly U.S. based. Apologies for the timezone delay. We’ll check this thoroughly very soon! :pray:

Sorry for this issue—the team is waking up soon to begin investigating. We shipped a fix yesterday to improve syncing large bases and this may be causing the issue.

Please add your team and app IDs to your post if you’re experiencing this issue so we can debug more quickly.

All Airtable and Excel tables are represented as synced Glide Tables underneath. Ideally they can be reconnected.

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Status: Major incident: Airtable and Excel connection(s) | Glide Status

Our new incremental sync feature to support faster syncing of large bases has caused some apps to disconnect from Airtable.

I now have 2 new glide tables for every excel table I had, the excel tables are back but wiped of all glide functionality, and one set of the glide tables are empty and the other set has the data but no functionality. The problem now is that the elements in the layout are linked to the empty glide tables so when I change a source table the whole design layout gets wiped. I am lost for words.

Apps are started to be restored now.

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When you say restored, are you just talking about restoring the connection to excel and airtable or actually fixing the corruption of an apps tables?

My app has been destroyed by this error, the tables are duplicated, and many are empty and without functionality. I want to know if you are able to fix this? The wrong tables are now connected to the elements in my app and so nothing works and when I change the source tables the layouts get wiped. It took me months to build this app with all its functionality

This is shocking what has happened. I would like an answer today.

@Shaman you will need to follow up on your support thread for specific details about your app. This issue did not “corrupt” any apps so something else might be happening.

Yes, we are able to fix it. Please do not edit your Excel columns/tables until we can reconnect it.