Duplicate with 'Copy the Sheet'

I just duplicated an App that uses google sheets and Glide tables which I have done a dozen or more times. Often a handful of Glide tables will be ‘empty’ instead of populated with the actual data. Historically I have ‘added’ a row which then caused the rest of the rows to ‘populate’ correctly (be read into the table).

Today - that did not occur and at least a dozen Glide tables do not contain data.

Is there a process/technique to get the tables to restart/resybnc and populate properly?


PS - I am on a Business Plan

27 Glide tables out of 77 did not get copied - ~35% of the Glide tables failed.

I am going to attempt another Duplicate/Copy Sheets.

26 Glides tables did not get copied over this time (and they are not the exact same set, e.g. some that did not get copied previously got copied this time; others that were copied last time are empty this time).

Is there a way to “tell” Glide to sync a table?

For those who Duplicate/Copy the Sheet and occasionally get ‘Empty Glide tables’ the workaround for each Glide table that has 0 rows when they should have >0 rows is: Add a Row and then hit the (esc).

Just adding a row didn’t trigger the sync; but when I hit escape I ‘touched’ the table and Glide synched the data. I also clicked on a cell which also triggered the sync but when the sync was finished I had erased the cel I had clicked on. Using (esc) triggered everything to sync without accidentally overwriting data and all I had to do was delete the extra row I created.

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