Who is the Glide apps suitable for? 📲

Whether you have a standalone business, a startup idea, or a hobby that requires her to fall for some information, Glide Apps is for you.

Independent, small and medium-sized businesses

In the business, category Glide can serve as a great platform for managing the information flowing in the organization. Whether it’s an annual profit and loss statement, human resource management, customer club management, and more, the Glide app will be up to the task!
With a user-friendly interface customized to the needs of the organization that includes a logo, brand color, and brand language, employees and customers will be able to connect to the organization directly from their mobile and always stay up to date on everything that is happening.
Glide apps allow the compartmentalization of information and various permissions for modification and editing based on an email address and job definition so that reports and approvals can be sent to the right person and only he can confirm or comment on the information he has received.


These people will be found in Glide’s fast and cheap development, basic apps can be built all on their own with the help of web guides including Glide’s official library and my website where I make sure to update and update learning content.
Glide apps know how to do everything functionally together with the power of automation with tools like Make and the critical limitation is in the design.

Personal needs

Because it is so simple to build applications in Glide, everyone will be able to build an application tailored to their needs. For example, shopping lists, daily to-do lists, camping equipment lists, birthday invitations, and more. If you got involved with building an app for yourself, you can find one in Glide’s official store or in my store where you can also find Hebrew-adapted apps.

In conclusion, everyone can build in Glide, but to build a complex application that will serve you perfectly requires a lot of experience, so sometimes it is better to pay a specialist to get the results you want in less investment time on your part.


What do you think? any other use cases?

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