Looking for the course offered a few months ago…

There was a gentleman that did a livestream and posted about it here then held signups for a course afterwards. He mentioned a questionnaire that he sends all his new clients to get an idea of what the need from the app they are having him build. He managed a team of devs that used glide and I don’t think he himself actually did the dev work.

Ring any bells?

I don’t recall the livestream, but the description sounds like @eltintero
Or maybe @grumo

With a team of 14 I don’t usually do the dev work anymore, however I spend all day in and out of Glideapps!
You can find that video on Glides YouTube channel

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It wasn’t either of the profiles you tagged :frowning: this guy was at a standing desk for the duration of the stream if that helps :joy:

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Hey there! I sent you a DM on Twitter a few days ago. While this isn’t the video I’m looking for it’s very close to the subject matter I’m looking for. I’m needing a solution for getting the right info out of my new clients in order to properly build their apps.

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