What is the best way of hiring people to build Glide apps (or part of apps)

Particularly if, like me, you are already in the community?

I have a few clients wanting apps from me and it is about to become overwhelming. I have apps that would need to include:

  • booking system - “as a user I want to book a corona test - and I have a choice of time slots”
  • purchasing system - product database and people buy things
  • video integration - “as a user I want to do a live corona test with an expert over video”

Fortunately I have budget - one of the clients paid :slight_smile: so please let me know! especially if you have done some of this type of project. Many thanks!!


(and fairly rapid deadlines!) ((and I do pay promptly!))

You can always look for help from one of the experts.

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I have started contacting folk :slight_smile: a good reminder that the Expert site is there to be used. Thanks!

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Many of the apps on the Expert pages are broken!! So their great work is not visible at all. Some are old Glide links, others have weird errors.

I am instead having to go through people recently posting in here :slight_smile:

I think we should create a sort of « certified expert’s community » where we can make our customer’s dreams become true and that all who contributed get their part of money…

(Jk :slight_smile: )

I’d be up for that. I would also be open to sponsoring a pool to fund cool things that can be shared in the community, mini grants where some bucks might help a person put the final time needed to make a great feature actually work.

This community has been super useful to me so far - and very happy to give back as I can :slight_smile: