Only Hiring Glide Experts?

That’s funny that you advise people to only hire someone that you deem as an expert as opposed to someone they want to hire. Because you create that exclusivity they will more than likely have to pay a higher price for what they want. This is one of a dozen reasons why I no longer actively help or use Glide. This community used to be amazing. But as with all things, Glide had to ruin it by trying to monetize everything we do. I used to be a community expert and offered all my services and templates at no cost. I did this to help grow what was once a small community of learners, developers, and entrepreneurs. I was on here everyday every chance I had to make this community better and the first opportunity Glide found to monetize any part of the community they did so. I asked to have my status removed and I went on to build my own platform. Free of this crap.


What is the name of your platform?

It will be launched in January :slight_smile:

And any glide member that is willing to actively participate in the forums will recieve a lifetime membership with unlimited apps :grin:

It’s not being built to get rich. It’s being built to make a difference in lives.


How to find it in January? I’d love to take a look.

It’s gonna be great, aside from PWA’s being native you will have access to the source code of your apps so you can build the apk or ios version directly from the site at no cost.

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I’ll post a link once the site is fully operational.

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The current site for pricing and features is here @

But expect there to be a ton of more features listed by the time it is launched.

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We do not monetize Experts, they can offer their services for free if they choose to, and we don’t tell people to only hire Glide Experts, so I am not sure what you are referring to.

I’m refering to this post David.

Where a community moderator closed the post where someone asked to hire someone and they were advised to use an expert.

And the post was closed by this moderator immediately after.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I did not know about it, and it is not our official position. I am sorry that it caused you to give up on Glide.


David, you know it’s not just that. We’ve talked about this in the past you and I. I really thought Glide was the end all solution and anyone could tell you I was all about it for years, you know that. I used to message you directly from the editor with solutions and ideas and I was always one of the first to jump in.

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Joe you are full of surprises. Glide the company/platform, the Glide community, now your own Nullkode – cool name – and nocode as a whole really are fortunate to have you, you always bring forward great ideas and solutions :muscle:

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@Drearystate you’d notice that the post has just been closed without being hidden. That’s for a reason, if anyone is willing to contact the creator of the post he/she can do so.

What I want to be avoided is that people do hire gliders without knowing that we actually have experts. They may be unhappy because of their work, and even worse may have payed for things that they were hoping for but didn’t got.

Of course anyone is free to hire/fire anyone, but I’d recommend everyone to make sure to select the most appropriate person for the most appropriate task.

That’s it

But you and I know you did not clarify that to the user and he was under the impression that you dont believe that as well. If someone chose to hire outside of an expert I’m sure they understand just like with any freelance work that you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t assume that the vistors here are naive or ignorant.

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Dear Joe,

Please stay.