We want more Glide Experts!

If you’re experienced in building Glide Apps, then we want to chat with you!

We’re currently looking to list more experts on our website. Many people need help with building Glide apps and are willing to pay good money for expert guidance.

If you’re interested, please create a profile here: https://experts.glideapp.io/

There’s a guided process in that app for supplying the information we need to certify you. Basically, you just need to show us a few high-quality apps you’ve created.


Hey @JackVaughan,
I’d like to subscribe, nevertheless my most relevant project is a private one, I build for my new business. If I add this project to my profil, including the url, will it be publicly visible to all?

I don’t know how far the Certified Expert application process traveled last time.
I am doing it again now. :slight_smile:

I echo the sentiment of @Christophe_HK. Many of the apps I created are private and built for education so they contain sensitive student data.

@sardamit great!

@Robert_Petitto @Christophe_HK totally understand. Please DM me the links to these & make sure that you add the user belle.marqu@gmail.com as a user to anything that’s restricted. We can use that as a joint access account.

If it’s truly sensitive and even we can’t see it - then please do a video talking us through it and cut/blur out the sensitive parts. Or duplicate it and fill with fake data.

As experts you should have public versions of good apps anyway as we feature your top apps on your profile on the website.

Great idea, I have added myself. Cheers

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I sent you a DM!



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I’m finishing up the app that I came to this platform to build 4 months ago and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good with this… expert? Not sure. But I’ll be building several more apps in the coming months and will certainly share.

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All the sample apps need to be in English?
Can anyone help with this information?

Have applied there but with another email applution@gmail.com

@Lucas_Pires no they don’t, but if you are successful as an expert then we’ll require 2 or 3 sample apps that will be publicly visible. It would be good if 1 of these or more were in English.

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For everyone who’s applied recently, thank you. We’ve taken on a lot of experts recently so will be having a break for a while to let that all settle in. However, we will definitely consider you next time we expand the team!

Hi Jack,

In addition to showcasing a few high quality apps, will Glide offer a course that one can follow to be certified an expert with Glide?

Personally I found that the guides, and “Build an app from scratch” paths are brilliantly structured; the progress stack and high quality videos were evidently very well planned. They helped me understand Glide quite intuitively, thus I believe a similar in depth course for expert certification would be a tremendous benefit for the students, and the clients that will hire them.


I’d also like to suggest general forum participation to help in becoming a glide expert. Not only does reading many of the posts help you to learn more, but actively participating in troubleshooting and problem solving can help you pick up on many of the tips and tricks that many people use. I’ve learned so many things just by participating, helping, and feeding off of other people’s ideas.


Hi @JackVaughan - How often do you expand the team? I’m new to Glide, but excited about the platform and interested in working towards becoming an “Expert”. However, I’m trying to decide how much time to devote to learning the platform at this point.

Hi Jason! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, I can’t give a time frame on that. I anticipate within the next 4 months.

If you’re serious about it, I recommend applying as a community expert in the app and spending some good time involved in the forum helping folks.

Got it, thanks! :slight_smile: