How to apply for Glide Experts?

Hi Friend,
Can you please suggest how to apply for Glide experts?


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After Clicking this
it asks for an email id, I have used Google to Sing in after sign-in getting blank pages

Any idea?

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About the behavior of the app, I don’t know, but @JackVaughan had said this below

Yea just investigating this now. Thanks

Thank you :pray:

It is now fixed.


Hi @JackVaughan

I have applied for Glide expert but did not get any notification from Glide after submitting the form.
It almost 2 months, is there any way to track the status of my application

I already Build Covid Resource applications that use by more than 100K People from India

Also, I have designed a template for Glide Store

Also, I have developed a few glide app to track our Tema’s Productivity, etc

Am I eligible for Glide Expert Program?

I So helped almost 1500+ International brands to set up and Scaleup their online business now focusing on ‘No Code’ to help non-technical people to build their own products using Glide and building some ready-to-use apps for them.


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Hmm, not sure what’s happened here. I’ve asked @PabloMFalero to follow up with you.

I’m on it @Sudipta, I’ll get back to you this morning

Hi @Sudipta , I went through the experts app but I haven’t seen your profile or application. What e-mail did you use to sign up?

Hi @PabloMFalero
Hope you are doing great
Any update regarding my expert listing?
Not heard from you