Community Digest: SSO launch, Build With Glide + AI replays

Welcome back to Monday!

This is our third go at the Community Digest.

Quick question: Do you find these weekly roundups useful?

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…now, on to the updates!

Glide SSO and branded sign-in :calling:

Glide SSO is now in beta for Enterprise customers

  • Glide supports SAML and OIDC protocols to integrate with your company’s existing identity tools like Okta, Azure AD, Salesforce, and more for one-click login across your Glide apps
  • See our announcement for more details, including how to get early access

Branded sign-in is now available for Pro plans and higher

  • Add a touch of professional polish with a custom logo and background

Join this week’s Round Table session for a live demo plus Q&A

Replays: Build With Glide + AI :arrow_forward:

We just wrapped up four weeks of building apps with Glide and AI.
Miss a session? Catch the replays on our YouTube channel:

Showcase: Our Check In (template) :selfie:

@Jonne_Paes just launched their new Glide template called Our Check In. It lets you run a mood check-in before an event, like a meeting or class. It’s perfect for teams, colleagues, students, and other groups.

Check it out in the Glide Template Store →

Shipped: New Glide features & bug fixes :ship:


  • Multiple files can now be bound to the Link Component


  • Carousel wouldn’t move if there was an action in the image component
  • Changed the icon of Multiple Files and Multiple Images to not look like computed columns
  • You can now pick array columns (Multiple Files, Multiple Images) in the file picker
  • User Agreement and Cookie checkboxes work with Google-Only Authentication
  • Tooltip getting stuck in some instances
  • Discard Unpublished Changes bug

That’s it for today. Have a great week! :coffee: