Custom Sign-In screen for Pro Glide Pages

Hi everyone,

Is it possible for Pro Glide Pages to include the branding section in Sign-In Screen Settings like in Pro Glide App? It would be great if we can upload a logo to be be displayed in Sign-In Screen.

Thank you and I’m waiting for your feedback!

Hey, why no one is voting this? :thinking:

Pages are nice and I would prefer them over apps (due to their flexibility), but without a background image and logo in the sign-in page actually they look so static and sad! @david

That would be the comparison in my case :roll_eyes:


We’re working on it!


Wow! That looks great.


YES! When onboarding new clients this sets the tone for the entire experience. Thank you so much, looking forward to the update. We would also love the ability to use video or animated gif backgrounds. Might at well ask for iframe embeding on the sign-in screen so you can do some cool 3D interactive logo animations.


oooooh, my god, I love you, I ask for this, I gonna delete the topic and waiting this :heart_eyes:

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Loottie files or json would be great, because it’s very optimized.

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Do we know when this feature will be available?

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That looks very nice! Can I request that we expedite this new feature? Or is there a projected date or time frame for this.

I really need this. Great work! Thanks!

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Glide needs to hire one Indian for can hire Google’s Sundar or Microsoft Satya for that. :saluting_face:

Work begins on this next week.


If we can put our logo in loader page (Glide Page) it would be awesome.

I put an great example here:


Yess!!! :fire: :tada: :crown:

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How did you do that, I can’t even do that

And how did you do the welcome screen

OMG this is game changing! So much vertical saas is going to be built on glide

My clients ALL want white label everything so this is amazing and they are willing to pay!

Me checking this thread everyday to see when this feature will be added. Can’t wait! lol


Yes, I need this feature badly lol