Custom Sign-In screen for Pro Glide Pages

I’am the only one who watching this topic all days ? (and I check settings sign-in screen too lool)


They could legit charge another $10 per month for this featue

Not charge but Yes in a pro plan

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I check at least once a day…lol

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Cant wait…

Is there a live date? Takes a lot of waiting for such a important feature


Cool! Thanks @david and Glide team :+1: :+1:

Yep, i mean, we cant use Glide Apps now without this feature… (branding so important)

Should be available next Tuesday.


Just to clarify expectations, we are shipping the first phase of the refreshed sign-in next week which includes:

  • Adaptive style based on your app’s appearance (accent, light, dark)
  • Drastically improved design for mobile.

This first phase will not include:

  • Custom menu logo; it will only show custom app icons for now.
  • Custom background image (we know, it sucks, but we are working on it and it’s going to be even better than you think)

We’ll keep you posted on the ETA for the 2nd phase.


This is rather good news, especially since it overlaps with the release of horizontal lists.

Hi @tristan

Any ideas on this? :point_down: Mentioning it as it relates to the sign in function. Thank you.

Hello, I saw that the first phase of login is out. I found it a bit very simple and white for the mobile version, so I tried to add css code and this one works aha :innocent:… This solution is obviously temporary while waiting for the next phase which really looks nice! Here is an example (I did it in 1 minute) but have seen that editing via CSS works.


Any progress on this? I didn’t realize that we couldn’t brand our background until I just tried. I have not seen an update on the ETA

(plus - GlideDocs says it is possible - this is probably an old doc for classic apps)

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Coming soon!


Background image and sign-in logo customization are now available on Pro and above.


Love you.


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