Check in with the mood and energy of your colleagues or students!

Hi! I want to show my newest template with you all. I will become teacher and teamlead this year, and want to check-in with my collegeagues and students before a meeting or class. This to get to know the mood and energy level of the group and take in to account during the meeting or class.

I tried to create it in a regular/known form-application, but it didn’t worked well enough, so I build my own. Check it out here! Or watch the video demonstration here.

There is no login required for people who fill in the check-in form. Only the facilitator needs an account to create the check-in forms.


Hey @Jonne_Paes! Congratulations on the launch.

I love the use case you’re addressing here. :slight_smile:

Some ideas for improving your store listing:

  • It’d be great to see more screenshots of the app
  • Screenshots of how the template is configured in the builder
  • More information on the different features and how they work

Hope that’s helpful! :pray:

Hi Andy, thanks for your feedback!
I would like to change the screenshots, but how can I do that? These were automated when submitted for review.