Conference App - Staff Retreat

Small Gatherings Template
This is a template I’ve put together for some staff conferences for the organization I work for. I’ve tweaked a few things and added some others:

  • Discussions - pre-defined questions for conversation during a session.
  • Announcements for others to add information
  • Admin feature in “My Profile” for announcements - setting 5 admins gives them the ability to approve announcements from their my profile page.
  • Resources - a place for resources used during sessions

What are your thoughts on this as a middle ground for a template?

My hope is to hand this off to the 20 or so teams planning their local conferences (likely to have 75-250 in attendance at each). Constructive feedback is appreciated for the app itself and the accompanying spreadsheet. I’m working on a google doc to map out “how to” for those who have never used it.

Thank you!

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Great looking app. Seems to function well. I lost the announcement when I flipped the switch in the hamburger menu - maybe if you’re having something that needs approval like that, once it’s approved, hide the switch. Other than that, if you can get a handful of folks to fill it in & use, good on ya!


P.S. - I made a copy to my own apps so I can look under the hood. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ve fixed that now (separate tab with a filter for ONLY approved).