My conference app 2.0

Hi folks,

Very pleased to show the second version of my conference app! The app link is here:

======Update===== (A new video demonstration and template of the app are available in this thread)

A little bit of background story of this app:

When I knew Glide for the first time (early spring, I suppose?), I was preparing for a conference presentation. Then, I immediately got the idea of creating conference app. It was so easy to start designing this app. Never though about creating my own app, WITHOUT ANY CODES. Glide just blew my mind! I was so hooked on it that I spent all afternoon to read documentation, watch tutorials, and do hands-on designing. And the next day, my very first app came out and I showcased it in then Glide community—Spectrum. I learnt so many things from that friendly and helpful community, which made my app almost perfect. I felt so proud at that moment. After that app, I no longer spent that amount of time in another app. Gradually, my enthusiasm faded away and occasionally logged in to check what’s new (I feel awful for that…). But still, I was proud of my first conference app…until yesterday when I saw the new template of conference app designed by @JackVaughan.

I was amazed by the brand-new conference app. Immediately, I realized that I had missed so many new features developed by Glide team during last several months. It seemed that my “dead” enthusiasm came alive again. So last night I spent several hours to catch up and finally made it come out today.

To be honest, I borrowed many ideas from Jack’s app, so all credits should go to him. But I made some changes based on my own taste. So I decided to showcase the second version of conference app here. I embedded a Vimeo video on this post. If it isn’t supported here, I will just post a video link here, just in case someone wants to have a quick look.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them!




Your app is amazing damn god.
I really love it.
We should do some exchange of template ahaha

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Wow! Where to begin?

Your renewed enthusiasm is so overwhelming that it may suppress my own. Each second of video play made my vain self-perception of brain size diminish incrementally.

It’s like you packed ten apps into one. Conference, hotel bookings, sponsors, city guides, favourites, comments, follow-up. I’d add more but watching it again might create a black hole where my budding app dev pride once existed.

Just to take you down a notch I did find that the sections without any images was not that impressive, but it did give me a visual break from your onslaught of magnificence.

Feel free to share your template with those who bow before you.

Well done! Great app!

Liked to know how you get the ‘See All’ to view the entire list of speakers?


Nice, very creative, did you get people to use it? What was their feedback

@gangyao, so great to hear that. :clap:t3: Nice work

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Woow! Your high praise made me feel way overwhelmed! Thank you so much!!

As for the all-in-one conference app, I consider it as a necessity for both conference organizers and participants. All that information is exactly what they need concerning a complete conference event, from basic presentation info to follow-up feedback. Speaking of that, I think my app still lack a very important thing, that is, pre-conference registration (especially the fees). I might have a look at “Buy button” later on to add this feature.

You also mention a flaw in my app—the blank images. Thanks for pointing it out. There are two reasons: first, the whole app is based on real conference event, so all speakers listed there are real persons. It is hard (may be inappropriate) to download and post their images on my app and let others to see, although the sole profile images I displayed on the app were downloaded from public social media like Twitter. Second, it is problem of the image hosting service (not Google drive) where many of my pics were hosted. The server had some issues and I didn’t have time to replace those bad pics.

In the end, as you and also a couple of other folks requested, I may share my template when appropriate :wink:


@JackVaughan Thanks for your inspirational work!

Unfortunately, my app doesn’t have the chance to makes its debut yet. Last time, it was so close… In the end, the conference organizers decided not to use my app because of the tricky privacy issue. Hmm, anyway, if you can give some feedback here, I will feel my work rewarding :slight_smile:

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Felicidades!! Excellent and very complete app. I LOOOOVE Valencia!

Hi, @Rogelio

I’m not quite sure about that. It could be because the list of speakers are so long that the Glide will add “see more” by default. Or, it could be because “Speakers” is an independent sheet on my Google spreadsheet while the other two (“Session” and “Thematic panels”) are in the same sheet.

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Thanks @eltintero! I love this city toooo! I’m currently based in Valencia :grinning:

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See All shows on horizontal tiles if you have more than 12 items.

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Please GDPR for signing in

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Maybe I should look at @JackVaughan tutorial closer, but @gangyao? How did you get that “See All” link?

@George_B look up 2 comments :wink:

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Aaah. I remember seeing the original thread when I had no time, and came back to ask the question but didn’t read all the threads. Thanks!


Hi Jeff, would it be too much to ask to point me to it as I could not find it within this thread and the search does not show it.

Here it is.

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Glad to hear you figured it out with the help of @Jeff_Hager :wink:

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