Example event app?

Hi - I’ve used Glide as our event app for the past two years. We got mixed feedback from our attendees in 2022. We’re trying to decide if we want to use Glide again for 2023. I hadn’t been on the Glide site in several months, and it looks like Glide has been making a bunch of upgrades lately, including push notification ability for iOS! Everything on their site just looks more sleek in general. Does anyone have an event app that they have built recently that they would be willing to let me log into as if I were an attendee and click around a bit to see if the experience seems different and more upgraded than when I used it last year. I work for a small non-profit, and there are only two paid part-time staff (myself being one), so we have a limited budget and manpower. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a template I created just this year:

If you decide to purchase this template, I’ll throw in a complimentary consultation to get you up and going.


Hi - thanks for replying. I had seen this one under the templates. Is there a way I can download it to my phone, so I can view it on my phone in the same way that I would view it while I was at an event? I know can change the template view on my computer so that it is show how it would appear on my phone, but some of the feedback we got in 2022 was that the app was clunky to use, so I really want to try out the template on my actual phone.

When I get back in front of my computer, I’ll create a demo app that you can view on your phone.

@sepbaz —> this would be a great idea for template store, a QR code on a template to preview on phone.


Hi Megan,

What’s your timeframe before the event? I may be able to build this for you depending on your time frame and desired features. The last few years I’ve been an entrepreneur creating ways for people (primarily military spouses) to make friends and build community. I haven’t been able to develop revenue for it, and I spend much of my time building apps to host different programs I try. So I have the skill and like making apps, but no money… with that I’ve developed an interest in freelancing. Since I’d like to build an event app anyway and I think it’d be a good experience to do it with a client, I’d be happy to build this for you for free (or I’d be willing take a little something if you want to be charitable :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here’s some other things I’ve worked on lately for reference.

This one I made just over the last few days… particularly interesting about it is the preview mode, which is a near copy of the app available to try out without logging in. https://grabbit.glide.page/

Here’s another one I made just in a few days, primarily made it as a tutorial. https://www.glideapps.com/templates/learning-center-apply-global-user-settings-preferences-and-filters-dp

Neither of those are event apps, but the basics of an event app are definitely in my wheelhouse. My organization’s apps I can’t as easily show because they have user data throughout, but here’s the website https://MilitarySocialNetwork.org

I’m sure Robert’s template would be great for you as well, if you’d like to go that route!

Let me know what you think and have a great day :slight_smile:

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You can also copy the url and open on your phone. It gives almost the real experience… it just adds a banner at the top with the title of app and buy link.

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Thanks for the callout @Robert_Petitto ! It’s on the list :wink:

@meganb Try this:


Very nice app. I am at a big event today that has an App and I think a useful feature to add to yours would be a Tags feature based on the presentation summaries. It would be helpful to pick a Tag and then see which presentations are on topic. I’ve seen you do this really nicely with recipes :wink:

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Great idea!

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Nice! It’s really sleek, modern, and clean looking! Have you been using Glide apps for awhile? If so, do you think they’ve made a lot of improvements in looks/user experience, etc over the past 8 months or so? The last time we used Glide for our event app was in October of 2022. Personally, I never had any issues using the app (besides when the entire Glide platform went down :scream: for a short time, but I think all of our attendees were either in or headed to the last session of the entire conference by that point, so it didn’t affect us too much, and I was joking that, hey, even the Starbucks app goes down sometimes!)

In any case, I had a good user experience with the Glide app, but we did get feedback from some attendees that they found the app a bit clunky. So, I was wondering if you feel like Glide has improved on the user experience in the past 8 months or so?

Thanks again for all of your help!

I think I meant to do that last year, but with the limited manpower for our small non-profit, I just ran out of time to add it. On our conference site, I had had it set-up so people could filter by track, but I just ran out of time to add a track filter component on the app. People could see the session track focus once they clicked into the session for more details, but I definitely agree that people like being able to sort by that type of thing.

He has been here for almost 4 years :wink:

I would say a lot of improvements have been made on the new Glide Apps (formerly Pages), and there are more things coming.

Did you hear from them which specific thing was clunky? If you can share more about specific things you need to improve on, we can help you with that.

hehe, I had a chuckle when I saw that. It’s a bit like asking Roger Federer “have you been playing tennis for a while?”