New template & tutorial | Tiles & Multiple Categories

Hey Gliders,

We just finished a tutorial and template for building a conference app from scratch. Among other things it covers using the new tiles layout and working with multiple categories - so if you’re unfamiliar with either of those topics have a look.

The template is also free to copy here: Advanced Conference · Glide


Impressive and very helpful again @JackVaughan ! Thanks!

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Even at the half way point, I find it so engaging and informative that I’m motivated to give up on my current product-related app and become a conference app provider.

But, since I don’t have time for that, I can only recommend that Glide start optimising their pages to include meta descriptions related to “conference apps”, “conference organiser app” and similar phrases since that feature alone is worthy of an entire subcategory business which they need to exploit to create critical mass. ie. or some other variant.