Use Case category

Hi fellow gliders…

(Apologies for not categorising. I didn’t know where to fit it in)

Just a random thought or idea that I wish to share here with the community.

What do you guys think about having a category “Use Case” whereby we pick a template from the glide store and we discuss the different types of use cases for that particular template.

Most of the templates have multiple use cases even more than what the creator of the App had intended. Most people may not know this but if we share some examples we inadvertently help the creator sell his template to be changed or customised into something different…

An example would be Robert Petito’s gamification App (Although it’s not a template in the glide store) that can be used as a loyalty points reward App of some sort.

This could also benefit Glide in terms of show casing its capabilities in terms of the different ways the platform can be used to create Apps or solutions for the world.

This community is cosmopolitan and the advantage with that is we can leverage our different experiences and creativity to inspire even those that are stuck or don’t know what to build. This could also help some of us to be solution oriented rather than platform oriented.

What do you guys think?

Yay :+1:or Nay :-1:?

Please be kind with your responses even if you don’t agree :blush:


Nice idea. Most creators promote their own apps here anyway, and they already have a “Showcase” category for this. Probably we can just use those posts to discuss.


Agreed with you @Luther and with @ThinhDinh