Intermediate to Advanced Template store

I think it would be really beneficial if Glide could create a platform or template store for “Intermediate Level” to “Advanced level” users.

The creator of the App would then include all the formulas that they used inside the App and all other third party services that are included inside the App.

This would help to unlock the hidden potential that is not evident on the current template store as a result of CSS and other formulas not being allowed.

There are so many great Glide Apps that have been created that incoporate integromat, Appscript, CSS, Experimental Code column, Zapier and other third party service that currently cannot be sold on the template store.

This template store would allow experts the opportunity to make even more money while also encouraging those who are still learning to graduate to the next level quicker by starting from a template rather than a “blank canvas”.

Protection for glide support:

They could also include a disclaimer that you purchase a template from that store at your own risk and they won’t be held liable if you cannot operate the App as a result of the complexity of the App.

This would be nice to have but I understand it’s probably not essential at the moment but one to consider for the future.