Community Update: November 13, 2023 🗞️

This week: We’ve pushed updates to Glide AI and our OpenAI integration; a new dashboard layout is available in preview; our Zapier integration gets an overhaul; and more!

New Glide features & fixes :sparkles::wrench:

Big ol’ list of updates this time…

Glide AI & OpenAI

  • Updated our AI defaults and config menus to reflect recent OpenAI changes.
  • OpenAI’s Generate Image has new options + uses the latest DALL-E models.
  • We added a new text-to-speech action for OpenAI.

See our docs for more details on native Glide AI and OpenAI features.

Glide dashboard

  • New team-focused dashboard available in Previews. This is a big one!
  • Made some UI refinements to your team’s Billing page.
  • Refreshed our Help Center, adding the ability for you to search docs, view summaries, and play how-to videos from the comfort of the builder.
  • Fixed description issues in the new Help menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the status tabs (All/Published/Drafts) on the team apps screen.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving subscription summaries in your list of teams.

Glide builder

  • Our new Zapier integration goes live soon. Try the preview in the meantime.
  • Fixed a minor UI bug on the Layout editor’s slide-in data panel.
  • Fixed an issue with text overflows in grid layouts.
  • Fixed row count number for queryable sources with over 1k rows.


  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent app names in the Glide API. This appeared to happen when an app was renamed. Users could surface the issue by calling the API directly or using an external service like Zapier or Make.

From the community :raised_hands:

Tomorrow: Join @BrettH for the latest updates to the Glide Experts program. We’re going live on YouTube at 11am ET / 8am PT to talk about the new Certified Experts level, plus the launch of the new Experts Hub. RSVP to stay in the loop.

Read: Glide is the Power Apps alternative for putting app-building capabilities in the hands of more team members. We’re hearing a lot of this from businesses running on M365. Power Apps does a lot, but it can be dauntingly complex for non-technical team members. We pulled all our thoughts together in a blog post.

What should Glide do in 2024? :thinking: @l3oy8231 started a conversation about what’s on the horizon for Glide. Add your thoughts to the thread - we’ll be talking about this a lot more heading into December!

Watch: Build a custom IT help desk in under an hour. I walk through building a custom help desk app from scratch in our first community build-along. We cover everything from data structure to custom action workflows to conditional logic.

It’s official – Glide is part of the NoCodeOps community. NoCodeOps is a Discord group for ops professionals who use no-code or low-code platforms as part of their day-to-day work. Members can now identify themselves as Glide users as part of the onboarding process. Learn more about the group and join for free.

…that’s it for this week. Have a good one!

P.S. Have something to share? DM me and we’ll include it in the next update.