1.5 Years of Work - App Finally Published

Hello! After several years of trying to build my idea on various low/no code platforms I finally found Glide in early 2022. I then began building by first glide app (most work has involved research for my data collection). I gave up about 5 times and just when I felt it was ready I realized “Apps” (legacy) was not the future, so in Dec 2022 I started rebuilding the app in Gilde “Pages”. Today I decided it was time to publish and perhaps leave the house for once. Please have a visit!

The most valuable content is hidden for free users. If you’re interested ‘for scientific Glide purposes’ to see everything, I’m happy to give your email full access for a little while. Thank you!

I worked on this alone so all the advice I have gotten from several community posts has been very helpful along the way, thank you.


Wow, congratulations! This looks fantastic, and it seems like you reeeeeeally put in the work with research and data. Great stuff.

I’m not a collector by any means, but I’m currently shooting an M6, so close enough :smile:

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Great work. Congratulations!

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Great app, looks awesome!

I congratulate you on this
good job
I have some questions if it can be answered…
First question:
You mentioned that building the platform took you more than a year, and my question is, does this time include adding content?
If the answer is yes, is it possible to estimate the time for building the platform without adding the content?

Second question:
You mentioned you’ve experimented with other platforms to build on. Have you tried Bubble?

Thank you

Looks superb! Very smart use of sectioned containers with their accents and highlights!

Congratulations @Cameraville

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Amazon job! Great design, massive content. I’m not a camera buff, but I spent time in your app because it is interesting. I would image a Leica fan would lose their mind. :grinning:

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Actually building and adding components is not difficult, I took a lot of time for many reasons:

  • Very often I have a great idea, only to realize I don’t have the data then need to go create it (for example if I want a title to say “67 items” I have to make a template column to add “items” to a count column.

  • I experimented with many many different designs big and small.

  • Throughout the process Glide was continually pushing out new features which often added to or supplanted (for the better) existing work I had already done. So I kept editing to get the most out of them.

  • There are many ways to use the data and I tried to account to each use case (there is more than one main action that can be taken).

  • And finally, some things wanted made the app too slow, so I really experimented a lot to find a good balance of speed whilst compromising as little as possible.

I would like to answer your question more directly, but can you specify what you mean about “content”? Do you mean my data or do you mean the visual components?

I tried Bubble for a few weeks, I really gave it a good shot and was impressed with the possibilities, but the terrible building experience ruined it for me - the UI and UX the I ultimately deliver are very important to me, and it was just too frustrating that the admin building UI/UX was trash in my opinion.


Thank you! I appreciate that you had a look around. Sorry that the most interesting stuff is hidden. If you have not yet tried the Preview buttons on the home page feature list they may me more interesting things there to see!

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Thank you!

Thank you :hugs:. This has been a desire for many year and while it is technically possible to build on many many platforms, I’m working alone and for whatever reason Glide is the only one that worked for me. Although the user limit has really taken the wind out of my sales. I would love to make something more useful for the wider Leica community, but Glide just can’t support it - and partly due to that I had to step away from developing something useful for a guy like you, and pivot my demographic and tailor my app to those that deal in weekly commerce of the cameras.

I’ve already developed a fully polished photography gear inventory app where you can store all you cameras, lenses, purchase information, images - see collection value and more - I think you’d surely value that for a one time charge of $5. But I never published it, the maximum yield just doesn’t justify my costs, and what use is it for the community if only 500 or 1000 people can use it. I made for digital too. This is 10’s of thousands of users who would have an interest.

I understand I’m using Glide wrong fundamentally, but I refuse to go away just because Glide says it’s meant for internal business apps. I need it!


Wondering, did you design these buttons with custom CSS?

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 12.19.00 PM

Beautiful app!
Could you explain more about investigation in “some things wanted made the app too slow”

Nope, nice little trick I found and I really hope Glide doesn’t change it ( @david ).
It’s just an Action Row Component. Don’t enter any content (Text, Label, or Image).
Just add actions and name your actions. No Icons.
With that described setup you get centred buttons as in the image - 3 typically display on mobile in one row and it looks great.

Extra trick (if useful) - if you add icons, then on small screens and narrow columns the words disappear only to show the icons. You can show more in row obvious.

Additionally you can add to the content section (Text, Label, or Image), but I’ve never personally had an example that worked for me.


Essentially on my “Models” and “Versions” tabs were meant to be Custom Collections in a Grid format of similar size to what you see now, I wanted to show just a tad more data than the “Cards” component allows.

That data would be a Median Price for the Models, and the Estimated Value for the Versions.

Median is not a function included in the Glide math column option. I had to use Javascript with help from the forum here. For whatever reason, ANY piece of data that touched the Javascript columns completely crushed the loading when displayed in a collection. I even moved the calculation to another sheet, and simply Looked Up the value. Still crashed it.

That was for Models - Additionally for what I wanted to display on Versions, my calculation for Estimated Value also integrates the Median (which required the Javascript).

In the end I was forced to compromise and not show any price values on my Model or Version Collections. Very very disappointing as now you have to click each one to know.

It was really quite fun to see two items seemingly exactly the same in the thumbnail, but have a value of over $30k difference between them. Sparked curiosity and encouraged further exploration.

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Thanks a lot!
Why don’t you calculate price once added new data, save and later to show basic column?

And how you handle one million records?

I don’t have that many records, I have data on that quantity of serial numbers. Any number of serial numbers can share data. So one row of data may contain 1 serial number, or it may contain 5,000 serial numbers for example.

Can you explain further? I don’t understand the suggestion.

Click and write calculated value to basic column. Next time when some body added new data to calculate again and store value to basic column and showing in the collection just basic column.
No? Or i loose something?