1.5 Years of Work - App Finally Published

Ah I see what you mean. I will have to think about a solution involving that in more detail.
From my initial thoughts, I think that would not work in my case for many reasons:

  1. The individual “Versions” are subject to classification changes. For example when I have a ‘sold price’ on camera serial number 123, that price contributes to value of 'Version A" which is numbers 1 - 200. So have build everything to allow for classification changes. If I later reclassify “Version A” as “Version B”, now the price of serial number 123 contributes to the value of “Version B”. Simply put there are a lot of dynamic relationships behind the scenes which complicate writing raw data.

  2. The javascript ‘Median’ is only one part in a larger formula to calculate a Versions estimated value. I have a internal price confidence variable which is included as well. This affects how large of range of each Versions estimated value is. When I add a price to the version with of highest price confidence, all other versions price confidence decreases slightly, affecting the range of the estimated value - in that case around 300 items get slightly new price estimations at once.

I experimented a lot with different formulas and logic with the price estimations and what I’m really happy with what I have - it’s completely formulaic yet reflects the real world expectations (expect in the cases where the formula reveals something is currently undervalued or overvalued in the market! :grinning:).

I can see how in a simpler setup your suggestion would work. I will think about it! Thank you

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It’s amazing how simple everything is on the screen and how many calculations remain behind the scenes!
Thanks for the answers!

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Love it! Congrats @Cameraville!

Thanks Lucas :slight_smile:

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This is the best use case I have seen so far with the current capabilities of Glide pages. Sometimes it’s tricky to build a web app that also looks nice on desktop. Glide makes it always look nice on mobile, but on desktop it often looks like an upscaled mobile app. Your layouts and design choices look great on BOTH!! :1st_place_medal: :partying_face:

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Thank you very much!! I designed it with desktop-first in mind, although decided to make a desktop that translated into mobile with little or no sacrifice. I recently used the screen size computed column for two components, to simply change the grid size for mobile and desktop. Other than that there are no changes in components or screens for desktop vs mobile.

I think Glide needs to work on some information density UI improvements, especially for desktop. Most components have low information density, and building information rich pages feels at times like the layout of a children’s book.

In my observations from this and other work, people are not even scrolling when interacting with an app or website, and only take in what’s ‘above the fold’.

Your compliment is very much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very important point. Thanks for writing it out.


Amazing work @Cameraville! Congrats :clap: