From one beginner to other beginners

Hey Fellow Gliders (especially the new ones),

May2021: I am pretty new to this whole Glideapps world and over the last few weeks have spent enough sleepless nights outside of my day work to learn a lot about how this works, how to make it work and tips and tricks. And honestly am enjoying it a lot.

I came here to see if this is a platform to launch an idea that I have, and while am building that in parallel, I am playing around with lot of personal use apps and I built this one using some of the learnings from various Youtube videos and Community tips. So all credit goes to the respective owners of the ideas or tricks of implementation.

Thought will share this so that it will act as a learning exercise for new comers who might want to play around with this theme.

Idea : How to create photo album in Glide

Template : PhotoAlbum ( Feel free to copy and play around )

Application : CommunityEvents, Functions, Concerts, Seminars, etc where many users attend and take lots of pictures and want to share it with others who have attended the event.

Features :

Login based on email

Simple onboarding experience

Ability to create albums and upload images to it ( even to existing ones crated by same user )

Profile page with user submitted images, albums

Separate pages for All Photos and All Albums

Ability to tag images while uploading photo and show clickable tags to display related images

What can be added :

Private photos / albums ( though I have done that in my implementation in my own app, didn’t do it here as it wouldn’t serve the purpose )

What you will learn :

User Profiles, Onboarding, Inline Lists, Customisng Details view with Components, Filtering Rules, Visibility Rules, Simple relations in glide table, etc

Hope this will help someone in future in understanding some aspects of Glide.