Not a feature ... an (updated) training!?

Hi @JackVaughan @david , Glide is moving too fast for newbies!
Of course, it’s just great; nevertheless, for beginners+ (just like I am), one of the key tutorial was ‘Finstagram’ and a key resource was the ‘concept’ app from @Jeff_Hager and @Robert_Petitto.
Since then:

  • there are for sure some functionnalities that we don’t use in the proper manner
  • in addition there are some tricky questions about how to: create & manage ‘family/groups/teams’ with various rights; create a white label; create an admin board; and of course GDPR.

Do you plan to make an update ‘Finstagram-like’ course, on another use case (maybe for instance an ‘homework’ app for teachers & students & parents)?


Hey there,

We’re working on a new course right now that will take people through building an in depth app with user profiles and different access levels. That should be out very soon.

For family groups/teams - have you watched this tutorial (starts at 4:11)? Those conditions we set up would also extend to tab visibility and component visibility.

Tell me what else you’re struggling with and I’ll see if I can help.


@JackVaughan, Can you also add:

  1. Forms and relations in forms sheet to user data?
  2. Displaying form data using categories and filters?
  3. Any calculation using user-specific cell?

We would appreciate these.

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What I tend to do on a saturday evening is go to Glide Apps on YouTube and see if there are new video’s :wink: Yesterday I watch a few that were three weeks old. They always help me. Not per se NOW, but by watching I know what’s possible so that helps in future cases. Thanks!


Yep, that’s pretty much in there! But probably not as in depth as you may want. Ill keep it in mind. Perhaps a ‘working with form data’ tutorial…

@erwblo you and I lead equally exciting lives with our Saturday evenings :joy::love_you_gesture:t4::woman_singer:


Great to know that a new video is in-progress, as a new comer, the “finstagram” was a real step-change enabler for me.

I will limit my list of topics where I have questions, otherwise you can plan the Star Wars trilogy!

  • White label: setting-up the app so that the client can customize it; and the app owner invoice the client (ex of use cases: app for restaurants’ menu, as I saw on this forum)

  • Admin board: to manage users, and clients and also your recommandation to manage our apps versioning / integration of new functions.

  • Invoicing options: to understand how to set-up subscription (ex. for white-labelling) and/or one-off (ex. to sell products) and/or commission pricing models (ex. for intermediation app); it probably cannot be done fully in Glide, but guidances would be really helplful.



Useful, nice one. :+1:

Nice suggestions @AyS_0908

Thanks @JackVaughan for all your hard work. You produce really helpful videos.

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