New Glide course

Hey Gliders,

We just added a new course to the channel. It’s a new full-rebuild style one broken into multiple videos. Let us know what you think.


Thanks to @Lucas_Pires for spotting an error in one of the videos! :wink:


@JackVaughan, just GREAT!
A complete set of concepts (including the admin view, very useful). Thanks!

nb 1: just an idea, you could have made this template filled-in with a real list of courses: … the ones you made on Glideapps (youtube etc).
And make it available in the store (don’t sell anything inside otherwise Glide team will take commissions!)

nb 2: for your next “series” of tutorial, having guidances about “white labelling” an app would be great.

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Nice idea! When we have more courses I might do that.

This is great @JackVaughan!
I’ll send a ton of students to the user profile video!


Great work again, Jack.
Friday afternoon in Amsterdam


(your beer looks nicer than mine)


@JackVaughan it was only a suggestion, not pointed an error. You made it right, but my suggestion was to get an easy way to do that :yum:

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Your way was much better and that’s what the videos need to show :+1:t4:

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This looks a lot like my app! I was stuck on a few categorization items, so I sure hope this helps :pray:t4: I have delayed launch way too long :pensive: it’s past time to release it to the wild.

My biggest issue has been that for things that are holding me up, I’d love to hide and keep working on them, but me troubleshooting messes things up and I get stuck in a rabbit hole of rebuilding. Are you guys planning on having staging areas so we can push our features out and work on the rest in the background? I have pro, but the problem is, if I duplicate, pro isn’t on the version I am working on, just the live one, so it makes it really hard. Thanks!

This is awesome.
So for the premium content, the video file you’ve added is youtube link. So ultimately youtube is available to anyone. No privacy of that video.
Do anyone have this solution to restrict users for showing video?

@Angelia_Baxter yes we would like to do that. I feel your pain. No timeline on that though.

@Purvang_Joshi if you make your YouTube videos unlisted then they are not discoverable on YouTube… but yes – technically people can share the link. Vimeo does what you are looking for.

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Use Vimeo! You can disable sharing of Videos with Vimeo.

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@JackVaughan: First off, you have really upped your game by several notches with the new videos and even though my project is not in the same field of the Insiders app, I have learned a lot that I can apply.

So thank you for that.

I noticed that Insiders is selling subscriptions via the Stripe component but I didn’t know that was possible.

From my understanding it should be possible because Glide needs a product ID from Stripe, and every product in Stripe regardless of being a one-off payment or recurring subscription, has a unique product ID.

I’ve seen other threads where people are saying that Glide isn’t able to sell subscriptions so could please clarify the position on this?

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Game over guys …



Yes, it’s not a subscription; it’s a one-off payment. It’s just a standard buy button, and you, the app creator, have to change the status of the users’ profile to unlock content for them.


@JackVaughan: Thank you for that but what I am trying to ascertain is the possibility of the payment in Glide being a subscription as opposed to one-off payment.

I realise that Glide isn’t able to support the whole flow, i.e. we have to change statuses manually, and that Glide cannot offer customers the ability to manage their subscriptions from within Glide itself (although this would be possible as Stripe now offers a customer portal feature).

But what I am really after is the ability to sell subscriptions, albeit with manual intervention and/or Zapier integration on the app Admin’s side.

Customers would need to contact us directly if they wanted to cancel their subscription.

Hey @JackVaughan : You’ve outdone yourself again, mate; this course is a perfect onramp to acquiring quite a broad & deep range of skills, in the context of what looks like quite a useful application -which could be a sort of meta-app in this context ( :+1: on that @AyS_0908 idea above). In fact i like this “Insiders” app so well, i am inspired to customise it for my own production purpose… But before getting too deep in, i have two questions:

  1. Does this entail exercising the “Buy for $14.99” option i see at top RH corner of the demo page? I ask, not because of cost (good deal, IMHO), but rather because -having copied the sheet and rebuilt the app already thru to the end of video #6- it looks fully functional without having paid anything to this point. So is the $14.99 charge just to save folks the trouble of the rebuild experience, or would that fee unlock some feature i’ve yet to discover?
  2. As to the business model for app users: the “Freemium” model that it enables, whereby users must pay to unlock non-free courses + access to community makes sense… But, while i can see how this restricted-access model to Courses can be applied, i don’t see how the Community feature gets implemented. Forgive me if that is explained in episodes #7 or 8 and i’ve missed it in my scroll-ahead (at 2x speed in YouTube viewer, you do talk super fast, mate :-), but… Am i right in assuming that it is up to the app customiser to create a Community app in some 3rd party software (e.g. Discourse), and then just link to it from this Insiders app? Not as seamless an experience as one would want, if it means a 3rd party login to some unintegrated software, tho not necessarily a stopper, i guess… But is there any p2p interaction feature(s) at all inside the Glide app environment itself? I’ve seen some templates in the gallery that show a “Chat” button, but is that just a synonym for “Comments,” i wonder?

Coming down the home stretch on this course, the only snag i’ve hit so far is in Part 8: Administration Settings -specifically, how to add the Admin tab.

Of course to add this tab, app wants a sheet on which to base itself… But there is no related sheet that came with the template, and when i tried to set one up -naming columns after the different types of content to be entered via forms- that didn’t work.

This seems to me like the only non-intuitive piece that is not really explained in the video. If anyone can shed some light on the path here, i’d be much obliged! /w


  • If you’ve followed the series, you don’t need to buy the template. It’s a shortcut for those who don’t want to build it all from scratch.
  • The story of ‘premium’ community is pretty weak within my template and tutorial. I only included it to show how you might gate other content that’s not necessarily within the app. I also don’t explain it too much because it’s just hiding/showing a button that links somewhere outside the app. @Robert_Petitto has managed to create messaging/community stuff within Glide, so it’s possible, but I would say we’re not there yet with Glide. There is a chat tab in Glide yes - but not forum.
  • Yes, every tab you make you have to connect to a sheet, even if you don’t use any of the data from that sheet. So all I did was made a new tab, made it a details screen and then added lots of buttons on it. It doesn’t matter what sheet it’s linked to.