Arabic Online Courses App

Inspired by Jack’s Insiders Pro.
I created this app (Bannaa Learning App)

this is part of a free arabic course for local content creators to learn how to create Glide Apps to share and sell their content to their community.

I highly appreciate any feedback or advice to improve this.

The app acts as an online app offering free & premium courses to different kinds of users, sample data from website

Public User
app users with the link who have not signed up (App is Public)

  • view a guest home page
  • browse the app (courses , instructors)
  • have a look at the free courses & their videos/lectures.

Free Signed Up User
once signed up the user automatically is granted ‘free access’

  • can view ‘my profile’ page
  • add courses to their library & progress section.
  • mark videos/lectures complete & monitor their progress for each course.
  • view read-only the community posts and read/write replies (only after they complete their profile.)

Premium Users (subscribed)

  • can view premium courses
  • can create posts in the community


  • can see all the above tabs & add/edit in addition to some stats on the number of users/ courses / instructors / videos /

Would appreciate advice on everyting above, negative or positive, as well as the below concerns:

  • This app is Public, but I assigned a User Profile sheet and NO user specific data is viewable or touchable by a user when the email is empty… is this safe/ok to do?
  • I used buttons with reshuffle action for design purposes, is that safe for the near future?

please do try the sign in, if necessary let me know i can delete sheet data for privacy reasons after you have signed in.
there is also a free subscribe button that increments a value allowing a premium account access.

Nicely done👍
I would change “courses” to “Courses” to match “Guest”.

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That’s cool! One question tho if I may ask! Where did you get the photos you used as social media logos? All in one color! How?

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thank you.
for the social media icons I just took them from my website & colored them on paint 3d