Food Recipes e-Learning App/ YouTube API/Store Showcasing/ Amazon Affiliate Link Generation

Hello, Gliders.

Here I’ve fully transformed one culinary institute to Digital Platform. From COVID times, the institute started online classes on Zoom or even recorded classes in Google Drive as well. So, From collecting payments to giving access to the paid user was a big challenge to handle hundreds of students every day. Now it’s hassle-free service for all end users.

Have onboarded 2000 Users in just 12 days.
Users onboarded from 8 Countries.

Used Vimeo as a secure video streaming service.
The privacy feature allowed us to embed video in the domain only. This was the game-changer for me.

Also, All notification is managed by WhatsApp Auto-sender API. When the user registers class or even someone comments in a video, it automatically triggers the chef.

YouTube Data API:

So leading chef is YouTuber, having 300k subscribers. I’ve listed all 300 Videos in-app. For update, we just have to submit the URL of the video, it’ll automatically fetch everything like video title, description, thumbnails, total likes, total comments. I’ve set a trigger for every 2 hrs. It’ll auto-populate latest information.

Amazon Affiliate:

As of now, this feature is used by the internal team.

For kitchen appliances/tools, we’re helping the community to get things easily. By submitting the URL of any product from Amazon, it’ll fetch ASIN code from that link. Now, it’ll generate an affiliated link in realtime. Also, a product image will be shown from the ASIN code.

Store Design:
Kitchen Aid Appliances showcasing.

Thanking Glide, I love to be working with glide apps.
Also thanks to @Manan_Mehta for helping me for automating WhatsApp API.

Feedbacks/ Suggestions would be a great learning for me.

Visit here


Beautiful App @Purvang_Joshi
Love the UX throughout the app and the number of integrations in this one is unmatched from any other app I have seen before


Thanks manan. :+1::v::v:

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This is simply excellent, congratulations!


Great work. Thanks for sharing.

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Great app… when the user completes his profiles and check the box then the app gets refreshed by loading all the tabs …wanted to know how you were able to a achieve it?
If possible please share it

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This might help:

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Wow super app!
A smooth UI and a lot of features :clap:t2:

I’ve included your app in my concept app for a glideapps store for templates, please take a look


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What an amazing App!

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Thanks. Make one checkbox column under user profiles. Make checkbox visible only when user logged necessary data. After that in each tab set a condition when checkbox value is true.

It’s simple to use. Let me know if any doubts.

Thanks @GioRinaldi for appreciating. Your store having nice collection btw. :grinning:

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Thanks pratik :v:

To login in you have to agree to your terms and conditions, which you can’t read… not really user friendly.

@david why are terms and privacy not required when using the User Agreement option…?

Sorry. I haven’t attached link over there. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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Thanks for the info…will try it out

Some Improvements/ Feedbacks to Glide Team @david @Mark @JackVaughan

Signature Component:
In this app, An Agreement Signing for each user before paying for the class is made compulsory.
So, After drawing a signature and clicking submit, there should be an interactive loader that informs the user that your signature is being uploaded.

Buy Now Button
It should fetch info like the email address of the logged-in user to the App: Sales Sheet.
Why I need this?
I’m matching the e-mail address from two sheets of User Profiles & App: Sales so that I can give access to the mail id.
Some users typed their mail id different than they’ve logged in. So that it couldn’t match.

Limiting Login per user
Users are signing in multiple times from multiple devices. I have a column to check how many times a users logs in. Some are logged in more than 20 times.
I already opted for this feature in the Feature Request App Topic

Clickable URLs in Comments
User can’t able to click URLs which is posted on comments. Even nested comments should be there from UX Perspective. I already opted for this feature in the Feature Request App

Thanks for the Deep Links Feature. Hope it’ll roll out soon from staging to live.

This is really great design and functionality. Awesome Job are you going to add it to the template store?

Hi @Purvang_Joshi, Great User Interface in the App. Its awesome how you created the steps to collect information. I dont see anywhere that you have used the form component, yet you have managed to collect information like a form. Amazing! I would like to implement this in my app. May I know how you did that? Any references!

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You can now do it using the add row action.

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