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Basically, I have a Users sheet, which collects email address automatically since it is connected to User Profile. To the same row, I am trying to add more information by collecting it from the user at the beginning after they sign in using pin. Add Row button adds a new row which doesn’t serve the purpose.

So you’re referring to an onboarding process?

I have an example for that in the link above, hope it helps.

Thanks, it helps, I get the idea of making components visible and not visible based on completion conditions for each input. But, how I do direct users to a tab (Welcome tab with onboarding components) connected to the User Profiles sheet right at the beginning, and then show another tab once the onboarding process is completed, but without the Welcome tab shown at the bottom, since it is only for the purpose of onboarding? In Chadwick’s app, there is no tab visible at the bottom at the start, though the condition for that tab is to show when Profiledone is not 1. So, how was the tab hidden from the bottom part, still showing up as the first page?

I used the User Profiles sheet for that sign up tab, and filter it by email is signed in user in a details view. When the user logs into the app, they already have a row with their email. I just make entry components for them to add other details to their profile.

Then as the ProfileDone is 1 after pushing the button, the Welcome/Sign up tab will be hidden as the ProfileDone is not 1 anymore.

Yes, that can be done. But, in the above foodcouture app and Chadwick’s app, the onboarding form has no tabs at the bottom. So, how to hide the Welcome/sign up tab, yet show its components?

If you have only 1 tab visible to the user then it automatically hides I think. Can you confirm?


Yes, that’s magic by glideapps! Thank you! :grinning:

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Hey, sorry for the late reply. I was bit busy.

Hope you get the way of it.

I’ve a validation for the user profile Components. Like I’ve validation of if else, it manually checks whether all entry fields are empty or not.
When all fields are not empty then one row will convert to true otherwise false.

So, when user upload image at the last and then it clicks on the checkbox on my app. All condition went successfully, so it’ll turn into true.
Now, for all other tabs I’ve visibility condition that in user profile that particular row should be true.

Then within in seconds, tabs are showing out. The real power of Glide.

Let me know if you have any doubts or helps.
Glad you like my app😊