Tutorial for paid memberships with Zapier & Memberful

Just finished a video tutorial on how to monetize your app with paid memberships using using Glide, Zapier, and Memberful which I noticed a lot of people were asking for here in the community. The tutorial is for a recipe app, but you could use this logic for any type of app with premium content.

There are 6 lessons and it takes about an hour to go through. You can access the tutorial here at nocode.mba/courses/allrecipes

The tutorial includes:

  1. Building a recipe app
  2. Adding the ability to offer paid subscriptions and premium content
  3. A feed of reviews from recipes users make

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!


Thanks for the content, Seth. Bookmarking this to review later!

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Just took a look at this post this morning. Memberful seems to be a nice solution for subscriptions. Have you tested it in staging using the beta webview component to see if the membership link page can be embedded into the app so users don’t navigate away?

Thanks! Memberful seems to work really well for a simple subscription. That’s a great idea - I haven’t tested that yet but I’ll have to try. That would definitely improve the user experience.

:scream: IT DOES!


This is amazing.
I used Moonclerk for an app I delivered yesterday, but this would have been a better option IMO.
Especially with the webview component in the Staging area… For some reason, I can’t embed Moonclerk’s website into webview in Glide :frowning:

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WOW! Amazing! Going to have to update the tutorial - that is great

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I know…only some websites allow embedding of their landing pages, etc. +1 to Memberful I guess…


Seth, can you also add the zapier step to update once the user has unsubscribed? Again I think that final step will be helpful to others who may want to use your fine tutorial. Cheers

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I actually do have that ability in the tutorial - there’s a second Zap that will update the row in the spreadsheet if they unsubscribe or if they cancel their free trial. Let me know if you were thinking of something else, though

Ah great! Than Memberful could become my tool of choice, especially because the paid version has a free and a paid option, it seems. Not a lot services have that.
Great tutorial @seth

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@Robert_Petitto Is this a URL or an embed code?

I think it’s an embed because @Robert_Petitto tested it on the stagging platform where they are currently testing this functionality.

I know it’s still in staging, later this week maybe in production. Why I ask it is because I see only embed codes in Memberful and look for the normal link. But @Robert_Petitto has a lot of ways to get things done :wink:

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@seth I was chatting with memberful and pointed them to your course. They were impressed :wink: ‘People do mainly Wordpress installs’


True, he always impress me!

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But I already found the link in Memberful, so all good!

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Yeah! :+1:t2:

Yes it was the embed code. I stole the link from within it.

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Excellent, this was what I was referring to so ignore me

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