How to manage a monthly paid membership?

Hello, I am in the process of create an app that would be membership based. Since there is a charge per user per month from Glide, I’d want to create a monthly membership plan to cover the costs. The thing that concerns me is if I am charging members to use on a monthly subscription plan and their payment stops, doesn’t go through, etc. How can that be managed, so that I won’t be charged on the GlideApps end? I guess I am asking, is there a good way to track and keep updated?

Kind of thinking through this now and maybe I could make a Zapier condition that would identify who payment stopped, etc…and if that meets the condition, then membership (by email address) would be deactivated or downgraded.

why do you need a Zapier for that? You do have a sales sheet, just run IF ELSE column on that data… or if you wanna keep it secure… do filter function in google sheet to checkmark paid accounts

Oh, okay. I’m just mapping/planning things out so that I can set it up properly. Thanks so much.

I use Memberful as a membership payment provider and Zapier to get the info in Google Sheets. When they join, the column is filled with TRUE and when they cancel, it becomes FALSE. If TRUE they get acces to a lot of content they don’t see when FALSE.


For managing monthly paid membership, I always use PayHere:

I integrate PayHere via Webhook with an Integromat scenario to bring back the payment data into the app. In case there’s a cancellation or failure to pay it will be updated as well so I know the subscription is active or inactive.


This is great info. Thank you.

Great to know. Thanks so much.

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diid you processed any transactions through PayHere already? what is your experience and real fees… i see is only 3% plus Stripe… that beats Glide 10% for free Apps

Our agency’s clients processed the transactions, not us.

You’re right that it’s 3% plus whatever Stripe charges (if I recall right it’s 2.9% + 30 cents), but it’s the best product available to integrate an automatic monthly (or periodically) membership.

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and it gives feedback to GS? and can I set deferent accounts for the same app? it is a web hook … so it will go for deferent accounts but… it will return feedback to the original app sheet? so i can set script to confirm payment and adjust inventory

It gives details of payments (or cancellations, payment failures) via a webhook, I write that back to the Sheets using Integromat.

I think you meant to say different accounts. Yes, you can do it with different accounts, as long as you setup the right webhook and integromat flows. Theoretically you can just give the same webhook link to all of those different accounts if that’s not a problem in the payment flow.

main problem in glide is… that you cant have deferent accounts in same app… that eliminates creating platform apps … meaning author have to take responsibility for all payment going through the app… plus 10% fee on top… PRO have only 2% i know

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That is true. I would love other options aroung this issue. I love the platform.