Subscription based app

Can we please have the ability to add new users as subscribers. Certain apps on App Store are charged per month so just copy that model.

Be good if you could have two instances of this.

So if we create an app for a business we charge them for building/using/supporting/covering the cost of custom domain renewals/updating content and cover the $19 pm to glide for their business. So we need ability to just enter a suitable amount for build - so one off payment, then regular reoccurring payments.

The second one for the business to have the ability to charge their customers for using it.

Happy to expand if needed.



This would be huge for me. Any chance of it happening in the near future or is it a pipe dream at this stage?

Many have asked for this, we’re interested in offering it but it is not on our short-term agenda.


Thanks for confirming, even if we would have a form with buy button (so the form data is not added to the google sheet until payment made) that maybe a short term work around? Just a thought - not sure how hard that would be.

Thats the only thing I am trying to find a work around with.

A work around could be directing your customers to a website where you place a stripe checkout form. Set up a zap to send the email that the customer enters in the checkout form to a new row in the google sheet which sets them up as a whitelisted user.

This could work?


Thanks, yeah that works, have used this solution before but want it built natively within glide :slight_smile:

I don’t have any experience with the buy button, but it’s my understanding that an App:Purchases sheet is populated when a purchase is made and contains an email column. This doesn’t solve a monthly subscription based solution in your original post, but wouldn’t you be able to use the App:Purchases sheet to build another sheet with emails to use with visibility or filtering to show or hide certain parts of the app to paying users? I know there has been some mention in the past about submitting additional form data along with the standard payment form details and I totally agree that it would be a good thing. I’m just curious to understand what you are attempting to do. I’m thinking once a payment is made, additional components could show up in the app to allow the user to continue entering data in a new form. I understand the desire to do both at once, but I’m just curious.


Hey Jeff thanks, that’s a good idea, gonna have a play around later to see if that will work for me, cheers :beers:

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This topic is one year old now, I know scene is moving so fast but seeing no changes in glide about the in app recurring payment module and the workarounds we must take to achieve this very important feature…is strange. I do love Glide’s builder but…i have to migrate all my work on Adalo which has this module right now and a 1 sec fast webview features instead of 8-20 sec…, please Glide…improve it and I will switch back in a sec.
Ps.And please put there a fancy eye candy audio player as well, not that old school html5 which is now, one with a png gif image and place holder…binded with in app monthly fee pro payments.

Update for webview…as far I can see now, maybe due to 2021’s builder,it’s 1sec as well , on par with Adalo…Glide, please keep up with in app recurring payments as well, it’s about time…

For now this is the workaround i’m going to try

Thanks guy for making this video!!!

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+1 Recurring payments would help a lot. I now have to implement Memberful or Payhere to achieve this.


Me too, this is a very crucial feature, i hope Glide could fill this missing soon

We are one year later…please do something!Or just say something new, how can you put aside a feature SO important , please, just please.

@Manu_Marea we have no plans to do this feature at the moment.

It’s a bummer…franky I don’t understand,by the way thanks for the kind answer.

I was wondering that myself as well. It is possible in Stripe, why not just activate it?
But thinking about it for a little, there is more to it, I assume?
When you let people activate membership, you want to incorporate that really good into the Glide / Google sheets. So you can easily give people different rights depending on their memberschip. And that’s more work than just activating.
Having said that, I would love it as well, because memberships is a big thing in products and services!

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on Adalo. How does it compare to Glide?

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Its early to say, on database( tables and sheets) Glide seems to be more powerful and full of easyness , Adalo calls the db’s collections and to use them you have to use what they call magic text , while in Glide for example the relations are simply made by inserting ID , no headaches,
Adalo seems more complete in terms of Ui builder with arrows and a wide desk where to place all your screens ,while linking data its not so fast…but…its me, i was previously on Bravo Studio and Figma, Anima and i’m learning on all those marvellous builders such as the next Flutterflow ( where you have to pay attention to the Aws and Firebase bill )or the great Supernova.In Adalo with a little of study and a the great community there help is doable .
Glide has a great community as well and has a simpler builder and webhooks and Adalo can interact with external apps or Api ( such as with Airtable)… ( but also Glide with Zapier and Integromat )and React Native could gave out new components in the market , while the edit on both is very fast but with a different approach , Glide is very very good for the most of the uses but for example very poor in some components such as the audio player but with some working you can reach a good result…even if that tiny gray player bar is very early html5 , basic , BUT WORKING right now , while adalo needs work for multiple instances, both haven’t playlist, Adalo shows it if you put magic words taken by your collection .
Talking about in-app, I switched to Glide because of times my clients is giving to me, I had to setup the play store and the app store by of means the dev accounts of, I simple haven’t time to gain the skills needed while Glide is faster even for me BUT the fact Adalo has that modules will lead me there for the next works. I think if Glide finally gives us that integration will have a strong gear which paired with price would lead to a serious increase in adoptions, they are in par, where Adalo wins ( the module and the market ) then loses where Glide wins ( The speed ) .I hope to be able to integrate Payhere as the great Robert Petitto here has shown, I hope to be smart enough to overcome this Glide miss. Last both haven’t a module to sketch and draw over the images or Ai to recognize the character written by hands on images and for the very first part I use Jotform by means of the we view functionality both have and that makes uses my Cms hosting or Google’s Drive space in order to save money, Last Glide is Pwa and to get native you have to use Nativator, Adalo is Pwa and Native.

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