Stripe recurring payments

Is there a way we can do recurring payments with the Stripe buy button integration? Can we have this on the roadmap please :slight_smile:


Hi @david This is very important and need an estimated time-frame for resolution please. If it’s a 'back-burner" task will have to implement solution outside of the app. Thanks!

This will not be available for about six months.


6 months is doable. :+1:

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Not good for me unfortunately. Will have to use Paypal outside of app @david

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If you’re going to implement outside the app then you could use stripe anyways couldn’t you? Better to stick with your preferred gateway / processor I’d have thought.

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is this still happening?

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Hi @david - Any update on this? Six months was a month ago… thanks!


Wouldn’t the web view component/action make this at least possible?

Couldn’t get stripe working here, have to leave the app to use Stripe

Help us make it a #1 request!

Check out this:

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I think the request atop of the list should be public + authenticated mode :wink:
Without this feature, we can’t even make sales in the app. At least for Europe.


@david is Stripe subscriptions available now?


not yet.

Hello guys, do you have an accurate time scale for this?


This would be amazing. My app is subscription based with a monthly payment per user. Looking forward to when recurring payments are available in app!


I’ve asked a couple of times about this but no clarity as of yet.

In theory, it should be possible as Glide needs the Stripe product ID which every product has in Stripe regardless of whether it’s a subscription or one-off payment.

However, it is not currently possible for users to manage their subscriptions in Glide.

At least, that’s how I understand it but it would be brilliant if this could be clarified by Glide rather than them ignoring these questions/statements, especially as @david stated it ‘would not be available for about 6 months’ (8 months ago).


Would be fab and a great addition to glide.

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I’m just going to be that guy and bump this thread, I’m working on an app at the moment that I need this for. An ETA would be really helpful.

It looks like this could be a solution in the meantime.


So no more comments on this crucial feature…too bad…