Can Buy button be recurring payment?

Will the buy button within the app allow me to configure a way for users to subscribe (resulting in a recurring fee) rather than only a one time? I don’t see that option anywhere.



Not automatically in Glide, but in Stripe you have the option to “create a subscription”. I haven’t actually done this, and it would be a manual process…but possible it seems.

I created a subscription in Stripe, but I don’t know if it’s possible to link it to Glide.

Not sure. When you created the subscription, did it give you a link to give to the user to let them manage the subscription?

I didn’t see one, but if it did, I’m still not sure I’d know where to put it in the Glide App

I’m also wondering if this will work. My guess is that it might because it needs a ProductID, and all products in Stripe have a unique ID.

The main issue will be the customer not being able to manage their subscription from within the app.

Stripe now has a hosted ‘Customer Portal’ feature so it would be great if Glide could hook up with this somehow.