In-App Subscription Management With Stripe - Possible?

Hey Guys,

Two related questions:

  1. I want to make it easy for users to manage their subscription within the app. Can I embed Stripe’s User Dashboard within Glideapps?

  2. If I want the user to try my App free for limited time, then auto upgrade their subscription - using Stripe - how do I display that in the app?

Any illustration would be helpful. Thanks!

I’m not entirely sure about embedding Stripe inside Glide, but for subscriptions I usually use Tillypay, specific for the automatic recurring payments.

So for this, I think you can record the time the user finished signing up, add a free time for that, let’s say 30 days. Hide everything and only show the button that links to Tillypay to force users to subscribe.

Hence the final visibility condition might look like:

If Free Time Ending is after Now
or Subscribed is True.


An update to this is recently I have switched to using PayHere. They have a nice sandbox environment for testing, as well as handling recurring subscriptions nicely.