How would you differentiate free / paid?

What I’m working on is this: an app for a band where you have free and premium members where the paid members get exclusive content.

  • In an ideal world I would use 1 service where I could onboard and upgrade and downgrade both. And connect via Zapier to Google Sheets. Does anyone know a service for this?
  • Elsewhere on this forum Moonclerk has been mentioned. Looks like a good service, but can only handle paid members. In that case I would need two services: one for free and one for paid, but then I would need to sync them: if someone end as paid subscriber, make him free subscriber. And if there are two entries in the db merge them or something. How would you do this?

Of course ideally I would like to do it with one service.
Hope someone has ideas!

PS If Glide would make subscription via Stripe available, I’d be ready @david @Mark :wink:

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I would create a field in G Sheets that has a status “Free / Paid” and the content will be shown or not based on that field.

Yeah, my question must not be clear. I know how to do it in Glide, but is there 1 tool where I can collect and organize free / paid users and import and update that via Zapier in Google Sheets? I’m looking for a good tool to handle the free and premium members.

Can’t you create an admin app on Glide to handle these users?
You will be able to perform actions on them, maybe add invoice data…

It is not difficult to combine with a paid service, Stripe can be one of them, but it becomes difficult when I want a free and a paid subscription and I want people to be able to move between them and accordingly get different content. I’m looking for something like Substack but with a Zapier connection.