Compare and update in Glide or Sheets?

What I want to do is this:

I have people becoming free members by signing in via Glide. They end up in the All Members sheet.

I have people becoming Memberful paid members from within Glide and people becoming paid members via the normal site. I import data in a sheet from Memberful (name, e-mail, paid member). So they end up in one sheet as well: the Memberful Members sheet.

I want to synchronize the data in the two sheets.

So what needs to be done?

  1. If there is a new member via Memberful he/she has to be added with status in the Memberful sheet. (all sorted via Zapier)
  2. If the status in Memberful changes it has to change in Google Sheets (all sorted via Zapier)
  3. A new Memberful member has to be automatically added / copied to the All Members sheet with all its data.
  4. Dupicate members in All Members have to be automatically deleted (if duplicate and Member Type is empty delete)
  5. If status (Premium/Free) changes in Memberful members, update in All Members.

Are there bits of this possible within the data editor or do I have to dive into the weird world where I don’t want to be of Sheet formula’s :wink:

I’m not overly familiar with Zapier, and not at all with Memberful, but I’m trying to understand why you don’t have one sheet to begin with. I’ve read in the past that there are weird issues with zapier and sheets if things get out of sync, so I can understand if that’s why you have multiple member sheets.

I’d lean towards 3 sheets here. One for all members fill with a sheet formula, one that’s connected to glide profiles, and one that’s filled by memberful.

I don’t know if it’s a complete solution, but something like this would get you close. You may not need the Where clause, but I would add an Order By Desc that sorts the membership level in reverse order, so glide will find any memberful records first on a single relation.

=UNIQUE(QUERY({Sheet1!A:D; Sheet2!A:D}, "where Col2=0"))

I got it from here.

Hi Jeff, to be honest, I don’t know a thing about Google Sheets other than organizing data in columns and rows. And I’m trying to find the solution to a problem one by one. I saw the course and thought: that’s what I need so I will do it like that! But if it can be done otherwise or better I’d love to try that. And simpler is always better.
Why I need Zapier is because I need to have a way to import new members into Google Sheets and change their status when they change from premium to free. I don’t think there’s another way to do that?
I now have a sheet for all members and a sheet for Memberful data and the two get synced via the data editor. But I’ll have a look at your sugggestion too!
Thanks for your suggestion and time!


I looked at your link, Jeff, but this is all far to complicated for me :wink:
I am the typical user Glide aims at, if I can’t solve it in Glide it’s too complicated :wink:

Well you are already using 2 third party products to achieve this, so you’re already trying to solve problems outside of Glide. :wink:

But in all seriousness, have you considered or tried using just one sheet for memberful as well as all members?

You’re right :wink:
About one sheet.
The way it goes is this:

  • People can become a free member by logging in and upgrading to paid in the app.
  • People can become a paid member via the site/Memberful and then log in via the site.

I understand that 1 sheet might be better but I wouldn’t know how to synchronize this in one sheet. Merging paid and free when there is already a free entry? Deleting duplicates and keeping the paid info?

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I’m wondering if the zap would find the existing free membership row created in glide and simply update it with the memberful info. Just a guess.

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