Glide Table Relations to Google Sheets

AHHHH!!! What am I missing!!! I’m really new to Glide, and currently have a love/hate relationship with it.

I work in a secure facility, and we have an upcoming construction project where contractors will need to undergo a background check and approval process. Once approved, their name will be added to the data set in a Glide table. From there, we’ll manage each person’s information in Glide. No sensitive data will be kept; basically, Name, Company, and Approval Status. Each day, the security team needs a printed copy of the “approved” contractors. No big deal right?

Upon approval, their name is added by way of a Glide form. Utilizing action “add row” to a connected Google Sheet it updates the roster. Where I’m struggling is, how do I update that person’s “approval” status in the connected sheet if it changes? In Glide, I’m using a relation status to populate a list of names of those who are “approved” but since Sheets doesn’t recognize Glide relations, how can I ensure the connected sheet always has the most up to date information?

Basically, I just need something similar to a query statement. “If status = Approved, return Name and Company”

I’m sure it’s simple but I’ve looked for HOURS!!!

Thank you all! On a side note, I’ve spent many hours here lurking and gathered TONS of helpful information!

I have some questions:

  • Would it be possible to provide some screenshots of your tables to get a better visual?
  • If I’m understanding correctly, you have two tables. A User table and a Roster table. Does that sound correct?
  • Does the Roster table also include a date? Is this a running log, so you can refer back to previous days and see who was approved to work? Or does the Roster table only ever include data from the current day?
  • Where are you printing this roster from? I assume you are trying to print it from the google sheet?
  • What does the printed copy look like?

I would just like to have a better visual of what you have and what you want before I make any suggestions.

Thank you for your willingness to help!

It’s pretty basic. When the admin is notified a person has been approved, they’ll input the person’s basic information via form. Upon submission, it’s recorded in Glide and action “add row” to a connected Gsheet. In the Gsheet, data is being entered into a separate tab. The printable roster is pulling the person’s information via query.

For the most basic functionality, I’m using one table and one connected sheet. I have not incorporated users yet.

Upon a person’s info being entered into the Glide roster and upon submission, I am logging the date and time the person was added.

The roster is being printed from a button click in Glide linked to the Gsheet.

The data in the printed roster is only utilizing two columns in the roster “template”, Name and Company. The remaining columns w/headers are printed so they can be filled in by each person.

Where I’m running into the problem is if someone who was once approved to be onsite becomes intelligible and the admin changes their status in Glide, I can’t figure a way for that change to be reflected in the Gsheet. Although I can add a row to a Gsheet, I can’t find a way to “update” the person’s row.

Since I’m new, I could only add one attachment. Here’s the second.

OK, so the printable sign in sheet is filled via a query from another tab in that same google sheet, correct? I don’t need to know how that part of it works, but I assume the query pulls from the current day, or something like that. Probably not important for me to know.

So, If I’m understanding, whenever you Add a new contractor, you ultimately add a row to the ‘Approved Contractors’ table as well as add it to the ‘Sign In’ table. I guess my question would be why do you have duplicated data? Why not just set up your form to write to the google sheet? Then when you edit a contractors status through the app, it will update in the google sheet, and I assume would reflect correctly in your print version.

The short answer is that’s just the way I set it up, but I see what you’re saying and feel it’s the best solution.

Long answer is, since I started working on this project, it has evolved, and I’ve added additional functionality for the data to be used as the basis for a visitor management system, to log the contractors on and off site, but your suggestion is still likely the route I’ll need to go.

I appreciate your help!

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No problem. You can technically set it up where an edit to the glide table would also edit the google sheet, but it would be a lot of overhead and extra work to maintain in the long run. It’s best not to have duplicate data if you can avoid it. The only downside is having to switch everything over to point directly to the google sheet, but you only have to do it once. I’d suggest duplicating your tabs before doing that, so you at least have something to refer to when making the changes.