Creating client portal with separate user data

Hi All,

You guys were really helpful with my last post, I found my answer almost immediately. How to create users specific tables - #3 by Darren_Murphy) I have two questions and depending on the answers will determine if building an app on Glide will work for me.

My objective is to build a client portal that offers a free account and a premium version for monthly subscriber that have full access. Each customer must have separate user data. I am using Glide, Stripe, Google Sheets, and Zapier. I am fairly tech savvy if I have proper instructions any guidance will be appreciated but just knowing if this is a viable option for me is most important.

  1. I set up a Glide > Google Sheets zap so when the user creates a profile it adds them to a master data sheet but how do I assign those separate spreadsheets to those specific users. e.g. Bob signs up, how do I now assign that list of spreadsheets to Bobs account. Is there a way to automate it so the data is integrated with the new spreadsheet it made on Google Sheets?

  2. I need to Glide to able to recognize if someone is a paying subscriber via Stripe. My customers will pay a monthly subscription and I only want subscribers to be able to access the “premium” version of the app. So Glide needs to be able to recognize my “premium” subscribers are different from the free users. According to my attachment I cant do any actions with Stripe > Glide because Glide cannot be used as a destination app in Zapier. How will I be able to differentiate those users and set up and integration to recognize and allow user to subscribe, cancel, upgrade, and etc.?

Really appreciate any guidance here!

hmmm, that sounds a bit dodgy, almost as if you’ve ignored our previous advice?
Why would each user have his own dedicated set of Google Sheets?
This would mean that every time you add a user, you’d have to create an entire new set of screens and associated flows and logic in Glide. That will never scale, and that isn’t how Glide is supposed to be used.

The correct way to set this up is with all users “sharing” a single set of tables, and use row owners to segregate the data.

This is all very doable. You can update Glide from Zapier via the API. There is a tutorial in the Docs that specifically shows how to work with the Glide API with Zapier.
You won’t be able to do a subscription model with Stripe on its own, but it can be done by combining with Payhere. @Robert_Petitto has a template package that covers this in detail.