Is it possible for an ordinary user to use their own Google Sheets?

Can a User (with the most administrative access level) change the source-address of the basic Google Sheets used?

  • To use the Glide application itself as a kind of “shell”:

“pick up” (corresponding to all bookmarks and columns) a GoogleTable from the account of the Customer (as Admin) himself?
either, at least:
“pick up” (also 100% related by bookmarks and columns, but) ! separate ! a new GoogleSpreadsheet (for an individual Customer) from the original Google-account of the Developer?

if you want a spreadsheet from a different account… the only way to do that is to create separate apps and have links to them under buttons or inline lists… and use importrange formulas and scripts to sync some values

Thank you, Uzo!
if I understand you correctly,
through the basic (“landing”) app,
by a specific link or button,
to offer Users a separate apps?
how will the User choose his table there (his account), on his own?
and how many such “separate applications” can be created on a paid Glide account?

from your description of the issue… I assumed that you wanna give that option to the most administrative access level… which means you trust and know them… and you can manually create extensions for them…
it is impossible to do it automatically in Glide… i might be wrong… i might find a way to do this with scripts… but it will be a very complicated way…

I :wink: don’t trust those Users whom I want to grant the right to use their Google Table,
as well as many of them :frowning: don’t trust SAAS/apps, whose database is not under their User control…

Glide is a SAAS with cloud storage…unless you want to convince all of your users to create their own glide accounts, duplicate your app into their own accounts (which will copy the app and the sheet), then have them learn to use glide to make edits, or at the very least get it published. You could have them create a team and invite you into that team so you can maintain and make updates, but you would have to do that for every single user, since every single app and database would be separate for each user.

Long story short…it’s not feasibly possible, and if you are giving users control of their own database without any control to maintain the app, then they will surely break something if they make a change to the sheet that is not compatible with the app.

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