Create a glide account WITHOUT GOOGLE!? and TEAM LINKS? Lit!

I could’ve sworn this wasn’t here 4 hours ago…

I love it! I’ve had people that wanted to create apps built off of a spreadsheet without using google sheets/google. This accommodates them very well!

Also: Links to invite people to a team?!?!?!

Lit!! :fire:



omg this brings back so much nostalgica lol

I guess the slogan ‘Create an app from a google sheet in 5 minutes’ barely applies anymore.

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I’d go for « Create a fully intuitive and functional mobile app like never seen before »

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That I like!

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This reminds me that I want to change the email address associated with my Glide account. Is this going to screw up old app permissions etc?

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Curious if this means that we can achieve secure users on the sign in sheet whilst still allowing users in the app to view user profiles with only Glide tables?

Or is this still something we can only achieve with mirroring data in Google sheets?

@JackVaughan @david :eyes:

This is not available.

I don’t know what you mean.

We’ve temporarily paused email sign-up to make some improvements.

I expect we’ll enable it again within 48 hours.

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I’m currently using an old email address that I intend to close soon. Basically…dont?

Move them to a team, and assign a new owner of the team.

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Right now if we want to keep user data secure we need to enable “Row Owners” on the user sheet. If we also want to showcase user profiles to other users, then we have to mirror the users sheet in Google with the ARRAYCOLUMN formula on a different sheet.

If we can create Glide apps without Google Sheets, can we achieve private AND public profiles in Glide tables yet? Or do we still need to depend on Google Sheets for this?

I use only Glide tables for my apps now. Literally the only thing I use Google Sheets for is this feature. I’d love to use only Glide tables if I can get the same result without using Google Sheets.


ooh, that’s a very good question…

Using Google Sheets still offers more features than building an app with Glide Tables only.

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I wonder if it’s integrate to glide.
It’s replacing goole apps script, as you can do all that thing in spreadsheet. Even automation and rest apis can be integrated.
It can totally replace google sheets.


Very impressing.
To be compared to Airtable