Transfer Ownership or Changing Email Address

I’ve looked around this forum and found many answers that may not be relevant anymore because of new updates. Is there anyone who is able to help me with this transfer ownership issue? I’ve been testing Glide on my personal account and building apps for my organization and now we are getting close to getting a pro account under a different email but I don’t want to have to re-build the app from scratch again. Please help!

Do you want to keep your personal account as a separate team account, and move all the Apps to a new team?
Or keep the Apps where they are and just change ownership of the team?

(either is possible)

move all to a new team account.

Okay, so all you really need to do is create the new team account and add a billing method, and then you can start transferring Apps to the new team. It’s important to add a billing method - you wont be able to transfer any Apps into the team until you’ve done that.

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I see. I had to make sure because I didn’t want to pay and then find out I can’t. Will this affect any of my connection to google sheet or will i have to reconnect them all over again?

I’ve added a billing method. Could someone help me with my next steps?

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hey, sorry - I was away on vacation for a while and so I missed your last reply.

As long as the Google Account that was used to connect the sheets in the first place is a member of the new team, then everything should continue to work fine.

  • Go to your Projects Dashboard and identify the Project that you want to transfer
  • Click the 3 dots in the upper right
  • Select “Transfer to…” and select the team

Thank you! Appreciated it

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