Email Account Has Changed, Need to Transfer Ownership

I recently resigned from a school district, and the main account for the Glide Apps we were using were under my account. I need to transfer these apps to another email account, for someone who is still working at the school. We are signed up for the Glide for Education plan.

Billing is also sent to this email address that is no longer active, and will need to be moved to a different email account associated with the school.

Can you direct me to someone I can talk to about this?


You need to add the new people to your team and make them the admin. Then they can remove you. Also, make sure that they have access to all the spreadsheets connected to the apps.

If you still have all of your apps in a legacy, my apps directory, you need to move all of those apps onto a team so that you can add collaborators first. We cannot help you do this.

So, the issue is though is that the district has closed my Google account. So, when I go to login to Glide by signing in with Google, it won’t let me since that account is closed. So, I can’t add new people to the team, even if I wanted to.

Is there a way around this? They do have access to the spreadsheets I used for those apps, which have been moved to a Shared Drive so that they now have ownership of the Google Sheets. But, they were not added to my team before I was removed from my Google account.

I did make sure to move all apps to teams, and this was a few months before I resigned from the district.

Thanks for your help!

Can you not ask them to temporarily reinstate your account so that you can transfer ownership?
If the Apps are useful to them, then I’d imagine they’d want to do whatever they can to ensure they don’t lose access to them? :man_shrugging:

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