Hi - Excited to get going! Couple of questions

Hi all!

I am (very!) new to Glide, but have some website building and basic developer skills.

My business in the early stages of development and I am searching for a platform that can deliver my needs. Glide has a lot of customisation, which is awesome, but I was hoping you (the experienced users) could advise me whether this is possible in Glide.

I want to create a directory which users can browse through and contact individually by email. Obviously anyone (sign-up or not) can browse the listings and that is great, but I want to limit ‘posting a new item’ to paid membership accounts. This means, in order to add to the directory, users would need to become a premium member.

Is that feature possible? I am not looking for a detailed tutorial yet, only to know that I am in the right place!

Thanks in advance guys.

Much appreciated,

Certainly possible!