Business Listing Directory with paid plan in Glide - Can it be done?


I am beyond frustrated attempting to build a SIMPLE listing directory with 2 categories. I am on Wordpress paid theme purchased #3, Upwork “helper” #2, and I still have nothing to show for it.

It took me 30 minutes in Glide what has taken me 30+ days to get in Wordpress. I love this app!

I’m coming to you - the experts - to make sure I can do this in Glide and I won’t be disappointed.


I have read and watched some tutorials on how to monetize the app with Memberly and others (moon something)? Can this really be done?

I have 2 business categories nationwide (~2500 listings which I already have ready to go) that I want to make a business listings app for. All the stuff you would see on yelp (names, pictures, hours, reviews, etc…) I know I can do this in Glide.

What I don’t know is can I set up a payment feature where if the business want to be featured on the home screen or the category screen and have other pro features turned on like the ability to add a video. is this possible? Can I make a feature to “Claim” the listing I have already created for the business? And how on these? If so, the level of difficulty?

If this is possible and I would need expert help, where is the best place to team up with a Glide expert? Upwork? Here?

I’m ready to blow up WP and become a Glider!

Thanks so much!!!

P.S. 1 have 2500 listings, does the1000 pins restriction mean only the first 1000 show or something else?

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@lancemiller21: Hello and welome!

We too have turned from WP to Glide for a simple paid directory which I am currently developing, so here are my thoughts for what they are worth…

  • You will almost certainly need to use Zapier to connect various tools to achieve some functionality, e.g. we have used Zapier to connect our Sheets to Postmark in order to send a stylised enquiry email to the listing owner via the form component.

  • Claim listing: we’re looking at same feature and a possible workaround would be to use some conditional logic in Glide to hide things like photos, link to website, enquiry form etc, if the listing hasn’t been paid for.

  • Because Glide lacks in SEO we are setting up our dedicated landing pages using either WP or other no code tools, and then linking to the custom sub domain for our Glide app.

Good luck with your venture, the community here is very impressive and there are some incredible apps being produced.

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Hey man!
I’ve set up apps for customers that are monetizing with Moonclerk. But probably next time, I’ll just set up a carrd landing page with a subscription button, and send then the access to the app with whitelist or password.
If you want to have PRO features, I’d add an inline list at the top of the screen, highlighting those listings. They’d be able to add more stuff than the rest of the listings, I assume. You can have them either send their information through Glide or through a Google Sheet (as I’ve done in )

The best way to hire a Glide expert is in the Certified Expert’s page, right here:


is it works?