A simple but useful meals app

Hello guys!

Here’s a simple app I created for meals and dishes. It only took a couple of hours but I use it every day. I live in Bali so I am lucky enough to have someone cooking for me every day. When she started, she was making the same dish every day so I decided to create a little app for her, to give her a variety to choose from. She loves it and I get to enjoy the benefits. Bon Appétit!!

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.44.07 AM|237x500

Feedback and ways to improve are welcome! You can copy and use it if you find it useful.

Can be used for:

  • Families that want to organize all their favorite meals, they can further enhance it by setting a day of the week for each meal
  • Schools that want to show the students the available meals
  • Restaurants that want to show the best dishes to combine

And so on and so forth, use your imagination.


*Anyone using the app can edit the items, you can make it so that only admin can do that (recommended).


Excellent. thank you for sharing.

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way to improve (make it more “appetible”) is with the use of the swipe function to create a step by step receipt, in order to make it more comfortable and easy for those who want to try to cook those dishes.
Perhaps you can eventually use the link with the start-time (that can be taken out from youtube) and use it as a parameter to make the video start from the minute and second you like for that particular swipe window.
Not to much effort in developing it, maybe more to populate data appropriately.

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