Meal Scheduler

Created a meal planner for a subscription-based meal plan company.
This app uses the power of Google Spreadsheets and Apps Scripts in conjunction with Glide to automatically facilitate creating a meal schedule based on predefined rules.

I need some testers to test out this concept.

  1. Create a meal plan by choosing meal timings and days. (Try different combinations)

  2. Wait for some time for the script to automatically create a complete schedule for your meal plan. (There’s a delay because of the free version, you can come back in a few minutes to check!)

  3. Check if your meal plan follows all the guidelines you mentioned when creating the plan (If the days/dates are correct or if the number of meals scheduled matches what you previously entered)

This is one of my most complex works.
If this works as expected, it can save hours daily by automating one of the most tedious processes of creating KOTs and Delivery lists

App link:

Thanks in advance for all testers!
It’s a public app so everybody can see everything for now!


Sure !

This is a really nice concept. Hotels obvious target market. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Booked all my meals. Better have them delivered !


Thanks for testing @Wiz.Wazeer
Hope it worked as expected?

All your meals are being sent in the next flight! Enjoy your holidays with yummy food :yum:


Hospitals and care homes could be another good target for something like this?


My current customer owns a restaurant that delivers healthy meals daily based on meal subscription plans (which are usually of more than 60 meals)

But this same app could be applicable for any subscription based meal services


Definitely !

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that is right, I was thinking about hospitals and medical services too.

Also maintenance services (engineering, cars, aircraft, etc) are good targets.

Just for curiosity @Manan_Mehta, what was the hardest part to create? What you couldn’t do in Glide? I suppose that handle dates and schedules (e.g., select days of weeks) are guilty for some headaches.

Good job friend, saludos!


App looks great! The only issue I encountered is one I’m encountering on a complex app of my own — this happens on my Android device (can’t confirm iOS) — when navigating to a screen, then pressing the back button, the screen gets stuck on the current one. I have to do something else to force it back to the previous screen. I think this is just lag as a result of the app being so complex and I have a feeling it could be Android-only. I experience this in some of my apps too, mainly the ones that are more complex.


Great ideas!
The most challenging part was indeed creating a schedule based on the weekdays selected by the user. I had to create a logic which skips the days which are not selected.
Another challenge was to combine items in the KOT (If more than 1 meal of the same kind is to be delivered in the same day, all those items combine inside the KOT and show the total item quantity so that chefs need not scroll)


Thanks @kyleheney
Yes this is a problem. The app is laggy at times and I think it’s because of the scripts (and the free version)
My paid version is less laggy surely.

I experience similar lag on a pro app of mine. It doesn’t have any scripts, but it does have a ton of Glide computed columns, relations, lookups, Row Owners, etc. I can force a tab to reload when I double-tap the tab icon, but I hope this behaviour improves somehow in the near future.

@Manan_Mehta one I noticed when I tested earlier, I selected 3 meals as the quantity, but it still allowed me to select 5 mealtimes (and it looks like I’m getting 5 delivered)

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Hi @Manan_Mehta a quick update. I’ve been doing more testing on my problematic complex app and I’ve found that if I run the app in my Chrome browser on my Android device, instead of running the “installed” app, the experience is MUCH better. All my lag issues go away completely.

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Thanks for testing this. This is a challenge I am unable to overcome at the moment, it might be a modification to my script maybe. I will have to do some homework!

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Great job @Manan_Mehta wonderful app and very intuitive.

I would maybe consider using some abbreviated words in the stack chart “Meal Categories” under monthly reports to try to eliminate the ellipses…

I.e. B Veg, K Veg


Keep up the great work!


Thanks Eric! Yeah that makes sense. In fact the reports are WIP.
My main goal is to make the scheduler work perfectly!

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Let me understand… what the helll is KOT? :slight_smile:


Couldn’t you do something with visibility, based on the value entered in Number of Meals?
I guess the question would be - if the user only enters 3 meals, which 3 should you offer?
You would probably need to have checkboxes or something next to each mealtime option so they can indicate. And then not allow them to proceed unless the number of “true” checkboxes is equal to the number entered (that would be a fun challenge :joy:)


Impressive bro. I was looking for something like this a year ago, this idea is amazing.